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Mvelopes is the most effective online personal finance and spending management system ever. This revolutionary, award-winning system applies innovative financial software technology to the traditional envelope method of budgeting to help you manage your finances, while living within your income - and most of it's done automatically!

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Mvelopes proactive approach to spending management is different from any other program, and was honored by PC World with a 2006 World Class Award - one of The 100 Best Products of the Year. With anytime, anywhere Internet and mobile access you always have all your financial   spending information right at your fingertips, so you can make informed spending decisions and take control of your finances

Mvelopes enables you to:
  • Gain control over finances and recover as much as 10% of your income from hidden spending
  • Create peace of mind as you get a real time view of all your accounts and transactions with anytime, anywhere secure access in one simple tool
  • Build financial freedom by eliminating existing debt and increasing savings

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Secure Online Spending Management

Mvelopes is the simple, smarter online budgeting tool. With Mvelopes, there's no software to download and no worrying about system compatibility. All you need is an Internet connection. Mvelopes will walk you through the set-up process, helping you create a personalized spending plan, and in just a few minutes you are well on your way to financial freedom.

Because Mvelopes is completely online, you can log in at home, work or across the country to view and manage your spending plan. Mvelopes doesn't tie you to a single computer like other budgeting programs do. And because your sensitive information isn't stored on your hard drive, you don't have to worry about transferring that information to a new computer or erasing it from your old one. And if your computer ever gets stolen or damaged, you can rest assured that your information is safe and secure.

Mvelopes uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption of all sensitive data, just like online banks and trading firms, providing the highest level of security available today. And with a secure username and password, firewall protected Web servers and regular data security audits, Mvelopes also provides peace of mind.

With Mvelopes, not only are you not tied to a single computer, you're not even tied to a PC. Mvelopes runs seamlessly on most Internet browsers on either a Mac or a PC. In fact, you can log in and check Mvelopes on your PC at work, your Mac at home or even your mobile phone on-the-go and always see the same information. With Mvelopes you've got the freedom to manage your budget your way - anytime, anywhere.

Get started with Mvelopes today to gain control of your finances and start on the path to financial freedom.


Mvelopes supports more than 14,000 financial institutions!

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Automatic Transaction Retrieval

Face it. If it's not easy, most of us simply won't do it. One of the most difficult challenges most people face in managing their spending is keeping track of it all. It's difficult enough to keep track of every time you spend money. But when most families today have two or more people spending with checks, debit cards, credit cards, online payments, automatic transfers and more - all from multiple accounts, tracking it all can be nearly impossible! That's why Mvelopes automatically retrieves ALL your spending and deposit transactions - from your bank, credit union, or credit card company - bringing all your transactions into one easy-to-manage tool.

You can use the easy Setup Wizard to add all your accounts. Mvelopes will then automatically retrieve all your new transactions each day, so they are all there in one place as soon as you log in. You can link to an unlimited number of financial institutions - add an unlimited number of accounts - and Mvelopes will track them all. You can even create rules to automatically rename your transactions or automatically assign them to spending category as they are downloaded. No other budgeting tool offers this complete solution. You can log in as often as you like, and never manually record a bank or credit card transaction again. Imagine the time you will save!

Currently, Mvelopes supports over 14,000 financial institutions. Click "Supported Banks" on the left to see if your financial institution is supported.


Net Worth Tracking

In order to understand how to get to where you want to be it is important to first understand your current situation. Regular monitoring of your net worth is one of the best indicators of your financial health - whether or not you are moving in the right direction, and if you are moving quickly enough.

Mvelopes allows you to effortlessly monitor all your accounts with online access - checking, savings, credit card, 401(k), IRA, mutual funds, stocks, and even your mortgage and auto loans are all tracked automatically. You can add an unlimited number of accounts from any of the supported institutions. Just click on Tools then Net Worth, and Mvelopes will pull the current balance for each and calculate your total assets, liabilities, and the difference between them. Tracking your net worth has never been easier!

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Anytime, Anywhere Mobile Access

Access Mvelopes from anywhere you make spending decisions, be it the mall, the grocery store, or even while waiting in line at the DMV. Mobile apps from Mvelopes allow you to log in and access your envelope and account information on-the-go using your iPhone or Android powered smartphone.

With Mvelopes Mobile, all your spending information is literally right at your fingertips whenever and wherever you need it, so you can make smarter spending decisions and take control of your finances.

Mvelopes makes accessing your information easy and secure.

  • Create or match manual transactions
  • Assign or split downloaded transactions
  • Check envelope and account balance
  • Create envelope or account transfers

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*Regular charges from your service provider for Internet usage may apply. Check with your service provider for costs and conditions.

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