10 Free (or Cheap) Date-Night Ideas

Written by guest blogger, Sarah Nichols

10 free or cheap date night ideasSaving money and chipping away at debt are important investments we make into our financial security. One investment that is often overlooked during this time, however, is the investment into our relationships. Whether you are dating or married, spending time with your significant other is equally as important. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can break the budget faster than a night out on the town.

Thankfully, having a tight budget does not mean that you have to sacrifice having a great date night. Here are 10 fun, free or cheap date night ideas that almost anyone would enjoy!

  1. Build a campfire and make S’mores together while enjoying the great outdoors.
  1. It doesn’t matter how long you have been married or dating – there is always more to learn about the other person. Print out a list of interesting questions like these, or purchase a used copy of “4,000 Questions for Getting to Know Anyone and Everyone and enjoy great conversation over a cup of tea or coffee.
  1. Find a local park that neither of you have been to and go exploring.
  1. Go geocaching. Geocaching is like a free treasure hunt using GPS. You can go online to geocaching.com to get the coordinates for hidden geocaches near you. When you find a geocache, you can sign the log book and oftentimes you leave a small trinket or item in exchange for one that someone else has left before you. The adventure is in the hunt and the memories made together will be priceless!
  1. Pull up some dancing tutorials on YouTube and have a fun time learning a new dance together.Dancing Date Night
  1. Give each other a couple of dollars each and go to a grocery store. Have each person pick out a mystery ingredient with their money, but don’t show each other what you purchased. Go home and reveal the mystery ingredients to each other and then come up with a creative dessert that incorporates both ingredients. Cook it together!
  1. Drive somewhere with a good view and away from light pollution. Watch the sunset and then lay out a blanket and go star gazing. Print out a map of the sky and see what constellations you can identify.
  1. Meander through a book store. See who can find the book with the craziest title. Flip through the books in the travel section and talk about where you would go on your dream vacation.
  1. Find a list of local events and try something new. Oftentimes there are free concerts, poetry readings, or even plays put on by the local high school or community college.
  1. Challenge each other to a night in with your favorite board game or card game.

Whatever you do, remember that the best date nights are in the memories made, not in the money spent. Have fun saving those dollars while also investing in your relationship. For additional money-saving tips, try Mvelopes – it’s completely FREE.

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About Sarah: Sarah is absolutely passionate about many things, including serving alongside her husband in youth ministry, raising her children, natural health, saving money, abundant living, chocolate, and living a life marked by joy! Sarah and her husband have been using Mvelopes for over two years. Sarah blogs at Simple Life Abundant Life where she encourages people to live simple and abundant lives.