Finicity Corporation Releases Mvelopes Personal 1.6


SALT LAKE CITY- May 6, 2002 – In2M Corporation announced today the release of MvelopesTM Personal, a spending management system for PCs and handheld devices. The application gives users access to personal spending information and account balances at the time they spend instead of after the fact.Mvelopes Personal uses In2M’s unique mobile envelopes approach to personal finance. Users enter their income and create virtual monthly “envelopes” for all expenses. Users spend from these Mvelopes spending accounts instead of from checking and credit accounts. Users update balances as spending is recorded – manually at the time of purchase or automatically when using In2M’s secure Mvelopes online service. Users get a complete picture of their finances in one, easily accessible and portable place. And they have a constant and accurate record of how much they have available in any account.

“The ‘Mvelope’ concept was proven years ago when people divided cash among envelopes dedicated to a house payment, groceries, utilities, vacation and so on,” said Steve Smith, In2M president and chief executive officer. “When people needed money, they took cash from the appropriate envelope. When their grocery envelopes were empty, they had to take money from other envelopes or not buy groceries. They were constantly aware of how much they were spending and what they were spending it on. Mvelopes Personal modernizes this concept.”

Through In2M’s secure Mvelopes online service, the Mvelopes application integrates with online data from up to seven accounts from a total pool of over 1,400 financial institutions nationwide. Users connect to the online service via the Internet and the secure In2M server to automatically retrieve financial transactions and update their Mvelopes balances. Users have a real-time visual record of their spending and gain insight into their daily finances and spending habits. They can make adjustments for future spending and can choose to allocate remaining Mvelopes balances to savings or investment accounts.

“Our goal isn’t to simply introduce another financial application. Our goal is to change the way people interact with their money,” said Smith. “By consolidating personal financial information into one, easy-to-use system, Mvelopes integrates the user’s spending and budgeting processes.”

Mvelopes Personal will run on any PC with the Windows 98 or higher operating system and on a smartphone or PDA running the Palm OS version 3.x and 4.x, including Palm handhelds, Handspring Visors, Sony Cliés and Kyocera smartphones.

In2M is seeking a patent on the application and will initially offer Mvelopes Personal for FREE and Mvelopes online service for as little as $9.95 a month which includes a full-featured bill pay service. (Users can choose to use Mvelopes Personal without the online service, but they cannot use Mvelopes online service without using Mvelopes Personal.) The product and service are available from In2M sales agents, seminars (Salt Lake only) or direct at or 1-866-Mvelopes (683-5673).

About In2M
In2M Corporation ( specializes in integrating financial services, content and commerce to empower users in ways never before possible-from access to personal financial accounts to wireless, cardless point-of-sale transactions. In2M’s proprietary mobile application platform (MAP) powers applications that provide easy, automatic ways to access, organize and interact with personal and business data- right from a personal digital assistant (PDA), smartphone or other Internet-capable device. In2M is an active member of the IrDA’s IrFM SIG, the Bluetooth SIG, the MeT initiative, the SyncML industry forum, and the Mobile Payment Forum.

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