Mvelopes ® Personal 2.0 Web Edition Just Released

The Simpler, Smarter Online Budgeting System that helps you Manage your Spending in a Whole New Way – Anytime, Anywhere!
Following the success of their PC version of Mvelopes Personal 1.0, In2M Corporation announced May 19, 2004 the release of Mvelopes Personal 2.0 Web Edition. This version is accessed completely online from any Internet connection. Users now have immediate, real-time access to their spending plan information – at home, work, or anywhere they are connected – to help them stay on track with their financial goals.

Financial freedom doesn’t come from having a large income; instead it comes from managing the money that you earn.

The key to reaching financial freedom is using an effective spending management system.

In2M executive Steven B. Smith advocates a back-to-basics approach based on the age-old “envelope” budgeting method to tackle spending management – the key to financial fitness. Anyone, regardless of household income, can use the principles of an envelope budgeting system to achieve financial fitness and put him or her self on track toward financial freedom. Managing money is no easy process in today’s “cashless” society, however, if used effectively today’s technology can improve spending management by increasing awareness of money earned, spent, and saved on a monthly, weekly and even a daily basis.

“The ‘envelope’ concept was proven years ago when people divided cash among paper envelopes dedicated to a house payment, groceries, utilities, vacation and so on,” he explains. “When people needed money, they took cash from the appropriate envelope. For example, when the grocery envelope was empty they had to take money from other envelopes or not buy groceries. They were constantly aware of how much money was left in each spending envelope, and how long it had to last. Knowing this, they were able to make informed spending decisions.”

In2M created Mvelopes Personal using these same time-proven envelope budgeting principles. Mvelopes Personal is an online home budgeting system that helps members look to the future and plan their spending accordingly. With Mvelopes they can easily create a household budget, track all their spending, and always know exactly how much they have left to spend in every category. Mvelopes gives members access to all their financial information at anytime, from anywhere.

This revolutionary system uses the traditional envelopes budgeting method, partnered with today’s technology, to help members manage their spending, while living within their income – and most of it’s done automatically!

Mvelopes Personal members are able to:

  • Access all of their secure financial information from anywhere, at anytime
  • Recover 10% of their income from hidden spending
  • Quickly eliminate existing debt by using the debt roll-down method
  • Always know exactly how much they have left to spend, and how long it needs to last
  • Easily save money for unexpected expenses, including emergencies

Easily implement the envelope budgeting principles by using Mvelopes Personal . “Many people find that there really is a way to regain control and achieve financial fitness simply by managing how they spend their current income,” says Smith.

Information about Mvelopes Personal can be found at, or about In2M Corporation at

Steven B. Smith is chairman, president and chief executive officer of In2M Corporation, the makers of Mvelopes Personal. In2M is a financial software and services company that Smith co-founded. Smith is also the author of Money for Life, Budgeting Success and Financial Fitness in Just 12-Weeks. Before founding In2M in 1999, he participated in a broad range of business activities as a senior member of executive teams for successful private and public companies, including Megahertz, Floppy Copy and DeltaValve. He lives in Salt Lake City, with his wife and four children.