Open Beta Release of Mvelopes Android App

South Jordan, UTAH – June 03, 2011 – Finicity Corporation is pleased to announce the open beta release of the Mvelopes app for Android Smartphones. The Mvelopes Android app for has been written from the ground up to take full advantage of the Android operating system, allowing users of Android devices access to their Mvelopes accounts from anywhere they have internet access. This app follows the release of the Mvelopes app for Apple’s iOS in February, 2011.

The Mvelopes Android app is being released as an open beta to speed up public access to the app while acknowledging that it is a work in process. According to Tyler Park, Director of Product Management, “the Android app has been through rigorous testing and we are confident that it is a very stable product. However, we know our users may still find issues which did not appear during testing. Calling this a beta release, similar to what Google does with its applications, lets our users know that we view this app as an ongoing project. We have an aggressive roadmap for bringing additional functionality to the app along with fixing any problems that may surface once a larger group of people start using it.”

Mvelopes is the first personal envelope budgeting app to offer real-time synchronization with a web-based client server. This means users can access, add, and update their financial data while on the go. Mvelopes also allows simultaneous access by multiple users. One household member could be checking balance information from a store check-out line at the same time another household member is entering data from a home computer or his or her own smartphone. Mobile users can even use their smartphones to take pictures of receipts and attach those pictures to transactions as documentation.

The Mvelopes app provides location-based services using the latest in proximity technologies. Using the Check-In feature, Mvelopes users can easily create expense transactions from nearby locations. The app also uses location-sensitive envelopes to let users quickly see envelope balances and spending categories typically used at checked-in locations.

The Mvelopes Android app is available now for free at the Android Market. Individuals need to have an Mvelopes account in order to use the app. Learn more about Mvelopes at