Mvelopes Updates, News, and Announcements!

Hello Mvelopes Members,

We are excited to announce the launch of some new features and enhancements to the all new version Mvelopes, the first of which is in direct response to the feedback that we have heard from many of you who have been using the previous version of Mvelopes. Plus, you’ll also find some news on a few fixes and future enhancements that are coming soon.

First, users of the new version of Mvelopes now have the ability to customize the display of the application by choosing among 3 Display Densities: Relaxed, Comfortable, and Compact. Let’s talk a bit about each of these.

Relaxed – This is the size that was part of the January 2012 launch of Mvelopes. For those who prefer to have a larger view of each account and element within the application, or who may only need to see a handful of their most important accounts or transactions, this option uses the largest size of text across the application.

Comfortable – This option removes some of the padding and space between rows, and also reduces the height of the header. As a result, you will be able to see more data on the screen as you navigate and manage your information in Mvelopes. This is the new default option for all users.

Compact – We know that some prefer to see even more data on each screen, and this option is just for you! Not only does this reduce padding and header height even more, but this option also uses smaller icons, and smaller font sizes in the data grid so that you can have the maximum number of accounts, envelopes, transactions, etc. on one screen.

Well that’s great, how do I change my Display Density and check out this new feature?

Glad you asked! Just follow three simple steps:

1 – Under the “My Account” menu found at the top right, click on “Preferences” from the drop down menu.

2 – Click on “Display Density” which is the third option on the “Preferences” menu. The option that you are currently using will be highlighted.

3 – To change, simply click either of the two available options, and then click “Save”. Your selection will then load automatically.

What if I want to go back to my previous Display Density? Or, what if I want to try another option?

You can change as often as you like, just repeat the 3 steps above and make your selection. We save the setting you choose, so no matter what machine you access Mvelopes from, you will see the same Display Density.

We’re excited to add this customization option to Mvelopes so you can choose the option that’s just right for your needs.

PLUS: As another response to member feedback, we have also improved the look and behavior of the scroll bars. These are now easier to grab, move, and adjust as you scroll through the different windows in Mvelopes.

Second, we know that many of our Mvelopes members have been anxiously awaiting our entry into the Amazon App Store. Good news: You can now find us there and download Mvelopes for your Kindle Fire! We are actively working on launching a version for the iPad, and will keep you posted as this is completed.

Third, our Android App (through Google Play) now works on WiFi-only tablets so you can use Mvelopes on more devices than ever before!

Those are the enhancements and new launch announcements, on to some fixes…

First, we implemented a fix to Mvelopes Premier that will no longer display blank space within the application where we currently provide news and offers to our Free Mvelopes users. We appreciate your patience with us as we have rolled out this change and will continue to enhance the application for all members.

Second, the Account Refresh functionality has been added to the Android app. This is already available on the iPhone app; we just added it to the Android version. The exciting part about this is that you can now have your accounts check for new transactions in real time from your mobile device. If you use a financial institution that posts transactions throughout the day, you can now download those transactions while on the go.

The good news doesn’t end there. Here are a few items on the horizon…

First, we will be launching an all new version of the Reconcile feature. We have heard from those of you who used this in previous versions of Mvelopes, and are excited to bring a new and improved version of this feature to the new version of Mvelopes. Keep an eye out, we plan to have this in your hands by early Summer 2012.

Second, sometimes we all make mistakes when clicking and entering things online. Or, maybe you’ve just changed your mind after making an edit. In case this ever happens to you while using Mvelopes, we will be adding a comprehensive “Undo” option to the new version of Mvelopes. This is also on the slate for Summer 2012.

That’s all for now, stay tuned to our blog, Facebook page, and Twitter feed for more news and updates! We thank all of you for your membership and for your feedback as we remain committed to providing the best online envelope budgeting experience that will help you truly, Enjoy Your Money.

Mvelopes Team