Saving Money, There’s 6 Apps for That

Guest post by JT Ripton

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Whether you’re living on a budget or you’re thinking ahead to retirement by saving more and spending less, these six apps will help you make smart choices when you’re on-the-go. As mobile technology continues to evolve, you can now budget and manage personal finances from anywhere.

1. Grocery IQ
As the economy continues to inflate, so do the prices in grocery stores everywhere. When you install the Grocery IQ app, you’re able to connect your grocery list for the week with the best prices in town. You’ll also connect to two popular coupon sites – and for further savings. This app is perfect for the true list-maker at heart.

Available on: iOS and Android. Cost: Free.

2. GasBuddy
If the very site of the price of gas at the gas pumps makes you ill as you prepare to fill your tank for the week, the GasBuddy app very well could be your savior. This easy-to-use app enables you to find the best prices on gas regardless of your location. The GasBuddy app is the ideal solution to grabbing the best gas prices both locally and when you’re on-the-road. Don’t waste gas by driving around looking for good deals, let this app take you straight there.

Available on: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and Mobile Web. Cost: Free.

3. Mvelopes
If you haven’t already, download the new Mvelopes app! Personal finances are now made easy. Instantly and easily manage your entire household budget and more. Use it to help keep track of your bills, plan for your future, keep track of receipts, and much more. The Mvelopes app enables you to keep track of spending habits, pay off debt faster, and avoid late & overdraft fees, that way you have more money to save with and use for the fun stuff.

Available on: iPhone and Android. Cost: Mvelopes – Free; Mvelopes Premier – $95/year; Money4Life Coaching – Customized Packages.

4. Urbanspoon
If you love to eat out frequently, then you’ll appreciate the savings that you’ll find with the Urbanspoon app. Whether you’re dining around the corner or across country, the Urbanspoon app will help you to find the best restaurants in town. Instantly find restaurants with the best reviews, best food, and best prices all from the convenience of your smartphone.

Available on: iPhone and Android. Cost: Free.

5. SavedPlus
If you’re obsessed with saving wherever and whenever you can, you’re going to love the SavedPlus app. This smart app makes it a breeze to literally save each-and-every time you shop or spend by matching each purchase with a dollar value based on your personalized pre-set savings percentage. This money is automatically transferred to your savings account and begins to really accrue over time.

Available on: iPhone and Android. Cost: Free.

6. Groupon
This isn’t a new app on the market, but it’s definitely one to keep in your arsenal if you’re looking to save money. If you’re thinking about treating yourself to a night out, look up what restaurants and activities have deals. This way, you get the treat and save money. Groupon also has a tab for goods, so if you’re looking for new curtains but can’t afford to replace them, you might find a surprisingly good deal!

Available on: iPhone and Android. Cost: Free.

If you’re tired of running around in circles with your finances, it’s time to find your way out with one of these 6 great smartphone apps. Regardless of your financial situation, taking control of your finances now will enable you to get out of debt or avoid debt all together. Choosing apps now that are customizable to your unique lifestyle will enable you to make smart choices and informative financial decisions later from the comfort of your couch and when you’re on-the-go. Savings are just around the corner with budget friendly smart apps.