Mvelopes Version 2.3 Announced

dojoscreen2Finicity, the makers of Mvelopes, announces new improvements to their Android and IOS mobile app. The new changes will integrate new and improved processes to help our users budget their money and reach their financial goals.

The Mvelopes mobile apps for IOS and Android will include increased functionality, new and improved transaction assignment process, and a new feature called “Dojo”.

Increased Functionality:
The new version will allow for editing and deleting offline accounts. The tablet experience on Mvelopes will also be improved.

Improved Transaction Assignment Process:
The new version of Mvelopes will have an easier way to assign transactions from your bank or credit card accounts.

New Feature Set:
The Mvelopes app will include a new section called “Dojo”. Dojo is a place of learning and this section will help people learn to master their money. There will be a wealth of educational content such as articles and videos to help people learn more about money management principles.

We are excited about these changes and we will have more information in the upcoming weeks about the Dojo section and how it can help you achieve your financial goals.

For Mvelopes 2.3 the following features are included:

iOS Only:

  • One Password Integration
  • Touch ID Authentication

Android Only:

  • Improved syncing reliability


  • New & Improved Transaction Assignment process
  • Smarter “Most Used” envelopes based on where you typically assign transactions
  • Offline account editing and deleting
  • Improved tablet experience
  • Added support for marking transactions as duplicates
  • Dojo Section
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

Take The Mvelopes Challenge

financially fitWith the new year coming up, people often feel it is time to take on new challenges. What better way to focus your efforts than improving your financial fitness with the Mvelopes challenge.

The Mvelopes challenge is to create a budget and track every transaction for 30 days. Most people are shocked when they do this exercise. They discover large portions of their budget is going to waste on things like impulse buying and eating out.

Companies in America spend billions annually tracking every transaction including sales, expenses and cash receipts. Imagine trying to successfully manage a company without using and applying basic accounting principles. Yet most people don’t track their personal transactions and are surprised when their budget runs out of month.

Companies don’t choose which transactions to track, they track every transaction. The only way to get complete value from tracking is to track every transaction.

If you want to be financially fit, you must be prepared to carefully follow this principle.

The Mvelopes app can help you make this process easy.

  1. Download the App
  2. Import in your accounts from banks and credit cards
  3. Set up your budget
  4. Fund your budget with your planned expenses
  5. Track your transactions

Download Mvelopes and start your Mvelopes 30 day challenge and get on the road to being financially fit.

8 Tips To Help You Stick To Your Budget

Sticking to a budgetThis time of year, it seems to always be hard to stick to a budget. Adopting new strategies to help you stick to your budget can help you prevent paying for the holidays all year long. These tips can help you stick to your budget and become disciplined about your spending. Mvelopes budget app can help keep you on your budget and relieve the stress of not knowing if you have enough money to last the month.

  1. Set a budget:
    Many people think it’s easy to not go over a budget by not setting a budget. The problem with this thinking is that most people often spend more than they make. This often causes people to go into debt and starts a downward spiral of always trying to catch up.
  2. Create a spending plan:
    Figure out before the month starts what you are going to spend your money on. This will help you understand how little things like eating out or little entertainment items add up and can throw your budget out of tilt.
  3. Track your spending:
    You should keep track of every expenditure and keep it organized into categories. This allows you to see where your money is going and where you can cut back if needed. Mvelopes helps track your spending by linking your accounts into one interface to easily organize your expenditures.
  4. Plan out your purchases:
    By planning out your purchases, you can alleviate impulse buys and falling for sales. Also, if you are planning out your purchases, it will allow you to find out the best prices available for your purchases.
  5. Research prices on big ticket items:
    The Internet has many websites dedicated to showing you the best prices for certain items. If you need to purchase a big ticket item, researching on website like, or Google shopping can help show you the best prices available and often times, brick and mortar retail merchants will match Internet prices.
  6. Live within your means:
    This is something that everyone hears, but few live by it. Living within your means takes discipline and planning. Living within your means can help you get out of the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck and help you accumulate savings.
  7. Pay off credit cards right away:
    It seems that credit cards are easy to get, but tough to pay off. If you use your credit card for a purchase, plan on paying off that credit card before the month ends. Keep the temptation of over spending at bay and use your debit card if possible.
  8. Don’t overspend on restaurants:
    Eating out during the month can really add up. Plan your budget on how much you are willing to spend on restaurants and space out throughout the month when and what type of restaurants you go to. Also, shop coupons on sites like Groupon to reduce your total eating out budget.

Download Mvelopes and use a tool that can help you stick to your budget and help you reach your financial goals.