8 Budgeting Tips from Before the Roaring 20s

7 Ways To Help Your Budget During An Economic Downturn

recession.jpgYou never know when you will experience an economic downturn. It could be something that hits you temporarily, or it could be a recession that lasts for a while and affects just about everybody. While things are going well or before they get worse, prepare for those lean times with a little forethought and some training. Read more

10 Tips for a Budget-smart Valentine’s Day


valentines_1.jpgValentine’s Day as I am sure you remember is this coming this Sunday. There are plenty of traditional gifts you can find just about anywhere. Chocolates, flowers, a romantic dinner, perfume or wine can get pretty expensive, especially since most everyone buys the same things. The average person will spend $147 this year on gifts and a date. If you’re looking to keep to a budget, here are some alternative ideas that won’t break the bank. Read more

Tips For Dealing With Student Loans

studentloan.jpgStudent loan debt is more prevalent than even consumer debt, but student loans are also debt that can be paid off quicker with a little planning.

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