11 Tax Time Tips To Save Money This Year and Next

tax.jpgIf you’re lucky, you don’t have to think about your taxes more than a couple times each year. Now is one of those times. By sitting down and going over last year’s taxes, this year’s taxes and your plans for that refund, you shouldn’t have to revisit your tax plans until next year. Read more

The History of Envelope Budgeting

envelopebudgeting.jpgBudgeting principles are as powerful today as when they were first adopted to change someone’s behavior or create a plan to manage resources throughout human history.

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Decrease the Stress of Financial Decisions

Managing money is one of the leading causes of stress. Thoughts like “I hope I’m making the right decision” or “I can
probably make this work” will wear down a person’s peace of mind and eventually create a feeling of anxiousness whenever money is involved. Even though every action has a consequence, you do not have to be stressed when making financial decisions. Here are some videos which are in our Mvelopes Premier Resources library that can help you eliminate this stress. Read more