How to save on food by buying more groceries

dining.jpgOn average, Americans spend more on food eaten outside their home than inside. If that describes you, then here’s a bit of good news. It’s an opportunity to save money.

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11 ways to use Mvelopes’ new closed captions

captions.jpgThe Mvelopes budget app, both on the web and mobile, now has closed captioning enabled in the video library to help you learn financial skills in yet another way.

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6 Inexpensive Entertainment Ideas

When you budget a certain amount for entertainment costs, it’s easy to think you’re putting a constraint on how much fun you will have, but don’t believe the lies! Just like spending more on entertainment doesn’t mean you’ll have more fun, spending less money on entertainment doesn’t mean you’ll have less fun.

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6 Ways to Use Credit Cards Responsibly


Credit cards are an important financial tool when it comes to having an available line of credit when you need it.

The ease of that available credit is what can get you into trouble. Using credit cards responsibly is an important part of budgeting and tracking your expenses in order to eliminate debt or to accomplish your financial goals. Read more