Are your expenses consistently higher than your income?

expenses_pic_1.jpgWhen expenses are higher than your income it means several things.

1. If unchecked, you’ll be creating debt once your savings cushion is gone.

2. Because of No. 1, your present situation is unsustainable.

3. You can change it for the better, before the worst happens. Read more

7 opportunities to personalize your budget with Mvelopes

8_goals_pic_car.jpgYour budget is nobody’s budget but yours. While plenty of people may be making the same or similar amounts of money, no one spends it exactly the same way. We all have different priorities and are all at different points in our lives.

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6 ways to maximize your budget as a student

GettyImages-486790801.jpgThe school year is right around the corner. It’s time to start thinking about how to save money while making it through another academic year, especially for college students. Reducing costs is an important part of staying away from taking on debt while going to school. On most college campuses, getting the most out of what you have to pay also makes a difference.

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Are you prepared for a financial emergency?

Emergency-fund.jpgLiving paycheck to paycheck leads to piling debt on top of debt when emergencies happen. Not being financially ready for unexpected expenses is a surefire way to limit what you can do with your future income because of how much debt and interest you have to repay each month.  Read more

Why funding is important in Mvelopes

Fund_Your_Envelopes.jpgYou’re looking at 25 envelopes all with $0 next to them. Another envelope, the Income Cash Pool, has all your money. It only takes a few minutes to get from that point to tracking your purchases and keeping to your budget. But it can be a harrowing few minutes for anyone, especially if you just started your Mvelopes account. Read more