Paying Off Your Credit Card Debt Or…

The average interest rate on a credit card is 15 percent. For every $100, you borrow you’re paying $15. That certainly adds up quickly, which is why if you are carrying credit card debt you should be paying it off even faster. Read more

Your Budget vs. Cash Flow

Do you want to budget or are you satisfied with just knowing you have money in your bank account this very moment? Find out just how you much control over your finances you can have by proactively budgeting and tracking your purchases with Mvelopes.

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Crazy long car loans and how to avoid them

loan.pngA car is necessary, but a 68, 72 or 84-month loan isn’t. The average car loan, term length and monthly payment each hit new highs in the first quarter of 2016, but car loan inflation doesn’t need to affect your next purchase.

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8 lessons the Olympics taught us about budgeting

riodejaneirobrazil.jpgBudgeting and the Olympics don’t often go together, especially since every modern Olympics has gone way over budget, but there are things we can apply to our financial lives from the past few weeks in Rio de Janeiro. Read more