How giving back fits in your budget

Give Back 3.jpgOne of the biggest reasons why we strive to be financially fit and debt free is to be able to help others.

At Mvelopes, we tend to like the 80-10-10 budget simply because it sets aside 10 percent of our income for giving, 10 percent for saving and the other 80 for our expenses. Taking the time to create and use a budget can not only help us reach that 10 percent goal, but can also help us increase it over time. Imagine things going so well that you can comfortably have a 60-20-20 budget each month. Read more

Make your holiday shopping worry free with a budget

StockSnap_KZZFHK1RAD.jpgIt’s that time again. The most distracting season of the year.

The holiday shopping season can eat you up and spit you out if you’re not careful. Ads disguised as gift ideas and big ticket items tied up with bows can make it seem almost mandatory to spend, spend, spend.

Don’t get overwhelmed because creating a plan and following it can make all the difference. Read more

How Mvelopes Can Help With Your Finances

It’s November and we would like to show our gratitude to everyone who uses Mvelopes and helps to make us successful in providing a budgeting solution to accomplish your financial goals.

Over the past two months, we have been rolling out testimonials from our users about what our app and coaches have done for them. We appreciate them taking the time to record these videos and tell their story to all of you. They’re just a sample of individuals and families who have used Mvelopes to accomplish their financial goals. Read more

Take a long look at saving

The miracle of a savings account is that it can help in so many ways.

If you’re short on income, your savings is there. If you’re heavy on expenses, your savings is there. If an emergency tosses you around, savings can steady your financial life. Read more