How to Prepare for Higher Interest Rates

coins-currency-investment-insurance-128867.jpegLast week, the Federal Reserve Board voted to raise their benchmark interest rate a quarter of a point so it will sit between .5 and .75%. It’s big news because it affects the majority of instruments you use for daily and monthly finances. Every loan you have that isn’t a fixed rate is affected by the increase and probably the most important change will be on your credit cards. 

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Achieving Your New Year’s Resolution

new_years_mountain.jpgMost people’s New Year’s resolutions are obvious. Sorry, but it’s true, even if it would take me three guesses.

The 10 most common resolutions are to lose weight, get organized, spend less, get healthier, live life to the fullest, help others, live your dreams, spend time with family, quit smoking and fall in love.

They’re so common because they’re difficult to do for an entire year and every January you have the opportunity to give it another go. Well, 2017 will be different. Your resolutions may not be, but accomplishing them will. Read more

More money doesn’t remove financial stress − budgeting does

frightened-1172122_640.jpgSometimes when you find yourself in a hole, you really should stop digging. Even if shovel after shovel is being handed to you.

Financial stress comes from a lot of different causes, but getting rid of that stress is rarely accomplished by finding more money to throw at the problem. Read more

Three small credit card changes to save you hundreds

wallet-cash-credit-card-pocket.jpgOur finances are at times distracting because of their complexity, their details or the feelings of urgency they create. This is especially true of your credit cards with their high interest rates and what seems like ever-increasing balances.

If your financial picture seems daunting and too big for you to change, it can be good to look at the little things. Even small adjustments can help you achieve your big goals.

Here are three seemingly minor changes that can help make a difference in the long run. Read more