Add a Little Sunshine to Your Budget


Not to rain on your budget, but it could be so much sunnier. We all spend too much one way or another. Invite a little sunshine into your finances by reducing your expenses. Read more

Now is the Time to Look at Your Net Worth


Being open and frank about your finances is part of getting started improving them. Sometimes this can be hard to do, especially if you aren’t on top of the details of your budget. There are a lot of ways to measure your financial health, but one efficient way is your net worth.

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Focus on Your Behavior to Change Your Credit History

credit history ideas behavior good report scoreWhen it comes to your low credit score, there is no instant fix. Mistakes, old accounts and fraud can come off your credit report quickly. If you have bad credit because of your past financial behavior, it’s there to stay for seven years or more.

A major part of your credit score is your credit history. Improving your credit history should be looked at as a process and not an easy button. There are behaviors that are rewarded and behaviors that are penalized. Get to work on the good ones and not only will your credit benefit, your finances will as well.

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Don’t Consolidate Your Debt, Eliminate It!

Portrait of a sad man holding bank card at home.jpegWhen debt becomes overbearing, many people turn to debt consolidation loans and find that it doesn’t solve the root of their problem. Consolidating your debt may put you in the same situation or worse.

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Four Steps to Financial Success in the New Year

Cash-Pile1.jpgTake a mental snapshot of your finances. Would you consider that picture a pleasant one or a stressful one? 

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