Ease Your Mind By Eliminating Debt for Good

sky-ditch-eye-hole.jpgDebt is a common problem in America.  Many people think they have it under control, but plenty of people are drowning in debt.

Ever-increasing debt causes stress in you and your relationships. You’re always paying interest and the balances never seem to move except to increase. Living paycheck to paycheck leads to covering emergencies or financial needs with credit instead of savings, while debt grows and grows. Read more

Get Started with Mvelopes

An envelope budget is a great way to plan and track your money and as part of the Mvelopes budgeting app, it helps you keep up-to-date on your finances either on the web or your mobile device. You don’t need to carry cash around in envelopes, but you do need to get accustomed to just how an envelope budget works.

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Four Steps for a Successful Budget

Success Cycle.pngGetting through the month within your budget can be a struggle. Living within your budget doesn’t always have to be so tough and the way to simplify it is to compare your performance and adjust both your expectations and your behaviors on a regular basis.

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