It’s About Time to Look at Your Finances

If you’re going to take a look at your finances, what timeframe do you use? For most of us it’s this week, this month or some other short period of time that revolves around our paychecks or bills.

Time can help you gain a different perspective by widening our viewpoint. Plus, there are bigger picture things we can learn just from looking at our finances over time. Read more

Don’t Lose Your Financial Focus in an Instant

Is it just me or are there more landmines than ever when it comes to making the right financial decision.

Most tempting offers or inviting purchases don’t take into account your specific financial situation, even if they’re handpicked for your mobile device by whichever algorithm is in control. A week ago I had an “offer” that caught my eye and made me think just a little bit harder about what I should pay attention to and where I shouldn’t pay attention. Read more

Mvelopes vs. Mint

Vs2.jpegIf you use Mint to categorize your transactions for you to check once a month, you’re not really budgeting. You have a finance tracker and not a budget.

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5 Reasons to Integrate Your Accounts with Mvelopes

Setup-3.pngMaking your finances less stressful is just one way Mvelopes helps your bottom line. Budgeting and worrying about your finances takes time, so why not use it wisely by integrating your bank accounts into Mvelopes.

Everyone’s finances are different, but think about everything you would need to look at if you were being totally responsible for every penny of your money. A shoebox full of receipts that grows larger each day or a spreadsheet that takes too long to load because of everything you’re trying to track. Post-it note reminders to pay bills stuck on any flat surface, plus just enough uncollected change bouncing around that you wonder how much is really lying around the house.

Now take all that and put it into Mvelopes. Read more

How to Make Sure There’s Money in Your Future

future-fortune-cookie-saving-savings-savePeople sometimes can’t decide what they should do, save money or pay off debt. They’re both good things and really both should be happening at the same time, but to what extent depends on your situation.

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