11 Ways to Make Smarter Financial Decisions as a Couple

Happy young couple calculating bills at home.jpegFinancial Literacy Month is almost over, but there’s one more thing that can help improve your finances. Making decisions together as a couple makes a big difference.

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Why Talking to Your Kids is a Good Investment

Closeup portrait young smiling girl holding piggy bank, happy mother, older sister deposits money isolated light black background. Smart financial investment wealth decisions. Budget management saving.jpegThe only thing that complicates your finances more than not having enough income is probably having kids. They’re great, but they just don’t make a household budget any easier.

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Know How to Make Smart Financial Decisions?

Cheerful businesswoman holding bills of dollar over gray background. Wearing in blue shirt and glasses..jpegA lot of our financial decisions come down to whether we should spend money or not. Looking at our finances as a whole, that should be a simple decision, but most of us aren’t very good at keeping our spending under control or adhering to our budget perfectly.

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How to Not Waste Money by Learning Something New

Thoughtful female student sitting against bookshelf with a book on the library floor.jpegApril is Financial Literacy Month, if you didn’t know.

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