Newlyweds! How to Get Your Finances in Order

Attractive young couple holding pink hearts over eyes against wooden planks.jpegJune is the most popular month for weddings and it’s right around the corner. You can practically smell the champagne and roses. For all those happy couples getting ready to tie the knot, you have been worrying about picking out, scheduling and paying for every piece of your big day, but there’s still plenty about your money to think about after your honeymoon.

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How Stable are Your Finances?

Despite your best planning, your finances can be anything but stable. There’s plenty that changes from month to month, year to year and even day to day.

How to Budget with a Variable Income in Mvelopes

3-8.png A consistent income doesn’t have to be a requirement for a well-oiled budget. Freelancers, independent contractors, and workers with inconsistent schedules don’t have the comfort of a standard paycheck every two weeks, but would still gain a lot from a working budget.

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