Spam Email Spoofing Mvelopes Confirmation

We are aware of a spam email that is spoofing an enrollment confirmation email for Mvelopes.

Here are some things to know:

  • If you receive the email and there hasn’t been a new Mvelopes account created using your email address, feel free to contact us using live support chat.
  • The email will appear to be from Shopper_Rewards <>. It’s also cc’ed to a separate email account.
  • The subject takes the first piece of your email and adds IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR YOU and then some spammy-looking letters.
  • As far as we can tell the links in the email take you to pages on Mvelopes. But we wouldn’t suggest clicking on them anyway.
  • This spam email is in no way associated with Mvelopes or our customers.
  • With any email that contains links or attachments, use common sense: Was I expecting it? Do I know the sender? Then and only then, mouse-over any links to confirm legitimacy before clicking them.

Things you can do to stay safe:

  • Mark the email as spam.
  • Be vigilant in vetting emails before clicking on anything.

Thanks to those people who reported this to us in the first place.

Mvelopes Launches Budget Makeover Program to Reshape Personal Finances in 10 Weeks

New Program Features Market-Leading Personal Finance App Combined with Individual Coaching, Perfect for New Year’s Resolutions

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — January 16, 2018 — Mvelopes, a personal finance management platform that utilizes the tried-and-true method of envelope budgeting to drastically improve money habits, has just announced Budget Makeover, a personal finance crash course designed to reset and reshape users’ finances in just 10 weeks. Coming on the heels of the biggest spending period of the calendar year, and as many people have just set new goals to spend less and save more, Mvelopes’ Budget Makeover provides a comprehensive framework to improve personal financial fitness with one-on-one coaching.

Budget Makeover is designed with the same behavior modification principles that apply to other areas of personal wellness, like health and fitness. Mvelopes provides each trainee with personal financial management education, tools and a custom plan. The biggest benefit and differentiator with this program is an individual coach who works closely with each client over the course of the 10-week program — a personal touch during a process that could otherwise languish or feel frustrating when done alone.

“The coaching aspect of the Mvelopes Budget Makeover is unlike anything else offered in the personal finance space,” said Christopher Tracy, executive vice president of consumer services. “It’s a high-touch and highly personalized program that benefits our users with measurable, long-term financial impact.”

The duration of the program was calculated to roughly match the 66-day period that research out of University College London has shown is essential to permanently develop new habits. Over the course of 10 weeks, clients of Mvelopes’ Budget Makeover receive an initial assessment, seven financial training sessions, daily check-in texts, bi-weekly budget reviews and a weekly challenge from an Mvelopes-certified financial trainer. They will also utilize the award-winning Mvelopes app to have real-time insights into their customized budgets.

“In the 17-plus years we’ve spent perfecting our budgeting products, we’ve seen that accountability is the single-most important factor in actually developing new behaviors that lead to long-lasting change,” said Wes Shelnutt, director of financial training. “We’re here to help our clients stay accountable and stay in control of their finances.”

To learn more about the Mvelopes Budget Makeover and sign up, visit

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About Mvelopes:

Mvelopes, a consumer solution from Finicity Corporation, is a breakthrough budgeting and spending management program that modernizes the proven envelope budgeting concept using innovative technology and a commitment to financial coaching. Founded in 2000, Finicity is enabling the financial data-sharing ecosystem through real-time financial data aggregation and insights. Finicity provides solutions for financial management, payments, credit decisioning and consumer budgeting. For more information on Mvelopes, visit