4 Items to Save Big on in January!

January Savings!

December is a big month for spending money on others. The average household will spend over $700 on gifts for friends and family members.

January, however, is a great month to save big on certain items for your home and for yourself – especially if you’ve made a new year’s resolution to get fit!

It’s no secret that retailers go through cycles. Depending on the time of the year, various items will be offered at a much deeper discount than usual. So if you’re wondering what you can save BIG on in January, here is a helpful list:

Christmas décor

Are you short on Christmas décor? Instead of paying a full price this season, plan on getting stocked up on great decorations, wrapping paper, gift bags, lights, and more right after Christmas.  January is a great month to purchase these items at up to 75% off! Stores like Home Depot, Lowes and Hobby Lobby will start discounting their items right after the holidays. Make sure that you look for online coupons before you head out to shop, since those can help you get even a better bargain.


Are you looking for new furniture? January and February are great months to find deep discounts on last year’s models. Since new models will be coming out in February, furniture stores will use January and February to advertise aggressive sales in order to sell out of their current stock.

One word of caution: Many retailers will offer electronics, such as big screen TVs, to lure you in. Those offers usually are dependent on spending a certain amount of money on a bedroom or a living room set. Remember that nothing is FREE, that you will ultimately pay for that TV, and probably more than if you bought it separately at a great discount. Purchase only items that you really need, instead of falling for the big screen TV trap. Shop around, compare prices, and depending on your credit score, you may consider taking advantage of the 0% financing offers, as long as you know you can pay the item off within that timeframe. If not, you will be charged back interest! And believe me, you won’t like it!

Winter apparel

Retailers will begin discounting winter apparel in January. So if there is a coat or a pair of boots you’ve had your eye on for a while, January is a great time to purchase those items at a bargain.

Keep in mind that the longer you wait the deeper the discounts will be, but you may also compromise the variety and availability of certain items. Sales on winter apparel are a great opportunity to stock up on birthday or even next year’s Christmas gifts!

Free shipping is not only available before Christmas. Many retailers will run online deals with FREE shipping, so check those out before you head out to the store.

*Quick Tip: Do you remember those receipts with an option to fill out a survey in order to get a discount on your next purchase? When you throw those away you’re throwing away money! Spend 5 minutes answering a survey and save additional 10-15% on your next purchase. Combine this additional discount with an ongoing sale and you just found yourself a steal!

Fitness Equipment

According to statisticbrain.com the #1 new years resolutions is (drumroll please): To Lose Weight! What a shocker!

Did you know that makers and sellers of fitness equipment know this as well, hence they use January as a deep discount month on all sorts of fitness equipment?

So if you’re serious about getting fit and changing your lifestyle, then January is your opportunity to purchase fitness gear at a great price.

If you’re not disciplined enough to work out at home and need that additional accountability, local gyms will also have great membership prices for you. Be sure to ask for a month-to-month membership deal in order to retain flexibility and options.

*Quick Tip: 36% of those who make fitness related resolutions quit after one month and 56% quit after just six months! So before you spend your hard earned money on fitness equipment, make sure your commitment level is there!

As you can see, January is a great month for some bargain shopping. But as with every “sale” and every “great deal”…It’s not a bargain unless you really need it!