Four Steps to Financial Success in the New Year

Cash-Pile1.jpgTake a mental snapshot of your finances. Would you consider that picture a pleasant one or a stressful one? 

Is their a pile of debt? An empty wallet? Bills in your mailbox? That thing you bought for Christmas that was really expensive?

Whatever your mind associates with money or finances is about to change. Take control of your finances so you can pay off debt, increase your savings and reach your financial goals. With your finances under control, the stress and negative feelings you associate with your finances will fade away. 

As 2017 dawns, set aside time to reach financial success by creating and living within a budget. Each week we’ll provide financial principles, steps, and a challenge to help you go from being afraid of your money to being comfortable changing your budget on the fly and controlling every penny that comes and goes. 

In three months, you’ll have tools to check your progress daily, monthly and quarterly. You’ll have a refined budget that will help you reach your financial goals.

1. You need to commit to changing your financial direction. Set aside the time to make it happen and find a support system that will help keep you accountable.

2. Take an assessment of your financial situation a little more in-depth than what you picture when you think of your finances. Look at your income and expenses. Take stock in everything that is involved in your financial picture each month.

3. Create a list of your financial objectives. These may come right to mind: Pay off debt! Save more! Put money aside for X, Y and perhaps Z! They may need to happen sooner rather than later, but a goal for five years from now can be just as helpful as a goal for six months from now. Toss whatever your objective is right alongside your other New Year’s resolutions and you’ll be doing great, even if it is just contributing more to your 401(k).

4. Create a list of obstacles. Write down things that commonly sidetrack your finances or syphon money away from its intended purpose. Think about what has kept you from keeping to a budget in your previous attempts and then plan out something that will help you overcome it.

Get started creating a better financial picture today and we’ll see you next week with our first financial lesson about your net worth.


  1. Commit to change your financial direction.
  1. Assess your financial situation.
  1. Create a list of financial objectives (long and short term).
  1. Create a list of potential obstacles and possible solutions.


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