5 Apps That’ll Put Money Back in Your Pocket

money saving apps

Helping you save money is what we do every day.

By Megan Pacheco

So here is a quick list of 5 great apps that can help you plan, keep track of your spending, reduce your debt, help you find the best deals and even earn you points for your favorite activities (like being a couch potato…no, but seriously!)

Let’s jump right in:

Have a plan, track it and find hundreds of dollars-worth of spending waste!

Mvelopes is by far the best budgeting app out there. Contrary to all of the other apps that simply track your spending and tell you where you overspent–after the factMvelopes is based on an old and tried envelope budgeting approach that allows you to pre-fund your budget categories and then track their balances with every purchase you make.

–       Make a spending plan.

–       Pre-fund your spending categories BEFORE you start spending.

–       Easily track all of your transactions.

–       Watch your spending trends, and find spending waste.

Get rewarded by just walking into a store? Yes please!

 Shopkick  is a great app used by over 6 million shoppers! It will not only make you aware of all the great deals in your area for participating retailers, but it will also reward you with points for various activities.

–       Get rewarded with points just by entering a participating retailer’s store. Simply turn your app on before going through the doors.

–       Get rewarded by scanning your favorite items inside of the participating retailer’s store.

–       Get rewarded by purchasing an item at the participating retailer’s store. (This option obviously allows you to earn the most points)

–       Link your MasterCard or Visa and earn points for making qualifying purchases.

–       Redeem your points for a gift card!

Earn points while you veg out in front of the TV!  It’s possible! 

Viggle has come up with an idea to reward all of us TV-holics. It works like this:

–       Download the Viggle app.

–       Open your app as you watch TV, and it will automatically check you “in” for whatever show you’re watching to earn points.

–       Look for ways to earn BONUS points by watching certain shows.

–       Redeem your points through the rewards catalogthat has brands like Starbucks, BestBuy, Barnes&Noble and more.

Earn cash for grocery shopping…which you probably do a lot of anyway!

 Ibotta allows you to earn cash for making qualified purchases using deals found on Ibotta. Are you getting ready to head over to do some grocery shopping? Here is what you need to do before you head out:

–       Check Ibotta for coupons and deals.

–       Choose all of the deals you plan to participate in.

–       Have fun shopping.

–       After you’re done, take a picture of your receipt so Ibotta can verify you did indeed purchase the items.

–       Receive your earned cash through your PayPal account.

Tired of missing out on a better price just because you didn’t know?

Shop Savvy helps you find best deals for the item you’re about to buy. Have you ever bought something only to find out that this item was offered at a better price in another store? With Shop Savvy you don’t have to worry about losing out on the best deals available any more.

–       Simply scan the barcode of the item you want to purchase.

–       Shop Savvy will quickly scan pricing for this item in both local stores and online.

–       Pick the best price and save money!

There are plenty of money-saving tools out there, but remember this one basic rule: Failure to plan is planning to fail. So before you start taking advantage of all of these great apps, make sure you do all of your great deal buying within the framework of your spending plan. If you have no plan, you’ll continue overspending despite all of the great deals.