7 Items You Should Never Buy At The Dollar Store

Dollar StoreDollar-store shopping can be a great way to cut costs on your weekly and day-to-day budget, but for certain items, you may be better off shopping somewhere else. Check our list of items that are sure to cut your spending, and the other items that may cost you more than you think.


Items To Always Buy At the Dollar Store

  1. Party Supplies.
    Most dollar stores carry a wide selection of colored napkins, disposable cutlery, plastic cups and table cloths. Compared to shopping at a special-occasion retailer, you could end up saving a significant amount and your guests won’t know the difference.
  1. Drink Mixes.
    Dollar stores are usually stocked full of powdered drink mixes and fillers. These are great, inexpensive alternatives to brand name mixes at the big box stores.
  1. Candy.
    Whether you’re preparing for Halloween or stocking the candy bowl at work, you’ll save a few bucks by skipping the grocery candy aisle and buying bagged and boxed candy at the dollar store.
  1. Wrapping Paper.
    What’s even better than buying wrapping paper from the dollar store? Buying wrapping paper after the holidays at the dollar store. Preparing for next year with this year’s post-holiday bargains is a great way to ease the budget pressure of the holiday season.
  1. Mugs and Cups.
    Ease the wear and tear of your fine dishware by buying coffee mugs and cups at the dollar store. This is also a great alternative for college dorm room shopping as well.
  1. Frames
    Department store frame prices can exceed $12 for a basic frame. For most of of your photo framing needs, the dollar store has a style or design to fit your tastes.
  1. Air Fresheners
    Looking for an inexpensive alternative to removing the spilled-milk smell from the back seat of the car? Pine tree air fresheners’ prices are significantly lower at the dollar store. You can stock up and be ready for any unwanted odors.

Now, just as important what to buy at the dollar store are the items NOT to buy at the dollar store:


Items To Never Buy At The Dollar Store

  1. Paper Towels and Toilet Paper
    Often the reason the prices on these items seem so low is because you’re not getting the same volume as you would by buying at a big-box warehouse store.
  1. Batteries and Electric Cords.
    When using appliances and electronics that rely on batteries and electricity, you’re probably better off paying for a higher quality product.
  1. Kitchen Utensils.
    Sometimes the most cost efficient option is to spend more on a utensil or appliance that will last a long time instead of paying replacement or repair costs over and over.
  1. Soda.
    In general, you can save a lot of money in a month by skipping these sugary beverages altogether – especially when eating out. But if you’re thinking about saving a buck or two, your better option is probably a warehouse club store.
  1. Shampoo.
    You can spot brand-name toiletry and shampoo items in the dollar store, and although the savings may look tempting, the volume of the product may leave you disappointed compared to shopping for these items elsewhere.
  1.  Toys.
    If you have small children, dollar-store toys may be a fine option. However, due to the frequent recalls of dollar-store toys, play it safe and search for other alternatives – like thrift or second-hand stores –  that will save you time and money.
  1.  Trash Bags.
    Not to mention the fact that only a few bags are actually included in the dollar-store packages, the quality is no greater than recycled plastic grocery bags – so better yet,  switch to recycled grocery bags and save even more money.

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