5 Reasons to Integrate Your Accounts with Mvelopes

Setup-3.pngMaking your finances less stressful is just one way Mvelopes helps your bottom line. Budgeting and worrying about your finances takes time, so why not use it wisely by integrating your bank accounts into Mvelopes.

Everyone’s finances are different, but think about everything you would need to look at if you were being totally responsible for every penny of your money. A shoebox full of receipts that grows larger each day or a spreadsheet that takes too long to load because of everything you’re trying to track. Post-it note reminders to pay bills stuck on any flat surface, plus just enough uncollected change bouncing around that you wonder how much is really lying around the house.

Now take all that and put it into Mvelopes.

Provide your online login credentials so Mvelopes can provide you with your updated account balances and new transactions. We’ll protect your information just like your bank does with secure encryption. We have been securely providing personal financial data for 16 years.

Once your accounts are all set up you’ll find five things are true of Mvelopes.

1. Mvelopes saves you time.

Open up your Mvelopes app on your phone or laptop and waiting for you are your new transactions to assign. Once that’s done you have up-to-date balances on your envelopes, plus your budget is up-to-the-minute as well.

Going to do some shopping during lunch? Check your shopping envelope for how much money you have. Wondering if your phone bill was bigger than last month? Take a look in the envelope and you’ll have both transactions to compare, plus you can see how much you planned for it to be. All of that occurs inside the Mvelopes app, you don’t have to jump from company website to website.

2. Mvelopes simplifies your finances.Setup-2.png

If you need to create or change your budget Mvelopes is ready for you. If you need to plan out how you’re going to tackle your debt Mvelopes is also ready for you.

Whether you’re checking on your finances a few minutes every day or sitting down weekly or monthly to dig deep into your finances, Mvelopes can quickly provide you the financial data you need in different reports to see exactly what you want.

3. Mvelopes makes tracking purchases easy.

Whether you swipe your debit or credit card without thinking and can never remember what cost $3.54 yesterday or you keep every receipt, Mvelopes can help streamline your process. You can add images of receipts to transactions inside the app and even add notes to describe what you bought or why it’s in that envelope in the first place.

If you’re not as hands on, you can set Mvelopes up to automatically tag transactions so when you open the app you can approve all the envelopes your transactions go to and not think about what goes where.

4. Mvelopes gives you control of your finances.

Create your budget, track your expenses and adjust your budget at the end of the month. Mvelopes gives you the control to plan your finances, check in on how you’re doing at anytime and plan out what needs to change.

After living within your means for a month, do you want to see how much cutting another $100 will affect your budget and also the debt you’re trying to pay off? You can do it all in Mvelopes with just a few clicks.

On the flip side, if your month is turning out a lot worse than you had planned, you can adjust your budget on the fly to limit the damage and help set a short-term goal to still make the month a success.

5. Integrating your accounts with Mvelopes makes your finances work.

Integrating your banking accounts with Mvelopes makes managing your finances easy, simple and useful. Get started today with the Mvelopes app and start making your finances work for you.


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