All-New Mvelopes Budgeting Apps for your Smartphone, Tablet, Kindle, and PC!

Mvelopes App

We’re ecstatic to announce the release of a new, beautifully crafted suite of personal finance applications!

Following on our recent release of our updated web app for your PC, Mvelopes 4.1, we now have all new apps for iOS and Android smartphones, as well as our first ever tablet and Kindle apps.

Life Impact

Those of you who’ve been using Mvelopes for a while know that it produces real financial results!

Our users have paid off over $1 Billion in credit card debt and have increased their checking and savings account balances by over $200 Million to date! We couldn’t be more excited about seeing more lives positively impacted through the release of our new apps.

 “We were constantly overdrawing our checking account and not able to account for where our money had gone…Then, we found Mvelopes, and we started using it. It is so easy to use and understand. I actually look forward to our “budget meetings” now! It has allowed us to tell our money where to go, and not the other way around. We have eliminated $30,000 in debt in just the last year, and we are on a fast track to eliminating all of our debt except for our mortgage.” – Abby

What’s NEW

Inbox_phonescreen_androidA new inbox view automatically creates a new transaction when users spend money, which is then assigned to a spending envelope. This helps users stay on top of their budget on a day-to-day basis.

Other new features with this release include:

    • Beautiful new UI design
    • New user signup/enrollment directly from the mobile apps
    • New user income, budget, and funding wizard
    • Thumb-friendly transaction assignment/matching
    • Beautiful envelope detail views
    • Attach receipt images to transactions

Love’s Pouring In!

Mvelopes Tablet AppHere is just a “snippet” of some early love our new apps have been receiving. We hope all of you will find as much success in your finances as John and his wife…especially now, with all of these new great apps available to you at home or on-the-go!

 “Then the other day the iPad and iPhone versions were released. I downloaded both versions and started using them. They are great. All three versions, Internet, iPad, and iPhone are consistent, intuitive, and work well. Mvelopes has hit a home run with these versions. My wife and I have been married 45 years and until we started using Mvelopes we never were able to successfully live on a budget. But since we started using Mvelopes, we have lived within our budget, saved money, and we reserve for expenses like car and house insurance and maintenance, and other recurring expenses. I can honestly say that using Mvelopes has been the best financial decision we have made in all the years of our marriage.” John Young

Get the New Apps

The free, all-new Mvelopes apps are available for download in the App Store, Google Play and via the Amazon App store.

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                 Watch Our Awesome New Video

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