Applied Principle 3 – Sincere desire is the second step on the path.

Applied Prinapplied_principles_03.gifciple 3 – Sincere desire is the second step on the path.

In order to really make a change in your financial future, you must first have a sincere desire to change the outcome. “The battle to become physically fit is waged and won in the mind before it is waged and won in the gym. Likewise, the battle to become financially fit is fought in mental terms before it is fought in terms of the checkbook. Real change always starts from the inside. Sincere desire fuels the engine of change; without it, sustained change cannot occur.”

It’s not easy to change. Discipline and dedication are both needed. “To gauge your level of conviction, ask yourself what you would like to change most about your current financial situation. Are you tired of having become a source of significant contention and frustration in your relationship? Do financial worries seem to upend the happiness associated with every other aspect of your life? Does the burden of debt limit your ability to do the things you would like to do? Are you constantly concerned about how you will find the resources to retire comfortably?”

Once you have established that you sincerely want to change your financial life you will be able to make progress.  “If you truly desire to change your financial course, you will not waste time with avoidance tactics, such as complaining about your situation or making excuses for past behavior. You cannot rewrite history-dwelling on previous mistakes and placing blame will only keep you focused on the negative.”

“Sincere desire will keep you thinking of the positive, looking forward to a future that is free of financial burden. The greatest poverty is the poverty of desire. Ultimately, no one can help you until you’ve decided you’re ready for it.”

The decision to change can be stressful, and it will not be easy, but you will find success if it is what you truly want.  Use that desire to help you take proactive steps toward the changes that you want to make.

Applied Principle 3, Money for Life, by Steven B Smith