Are you ready to support yourself financially?

If you’re living with your parents, chances are you’ve considered what life would be like if you had your own place. Many teens and young adults in their 20’s are in the same boat—trying to convince themselves that things would be greener on the other side. But in reality, most students and even young professionals have yet to consider the ramifications of leaving the nest.

As emotions rise, you’ll feel tempted to move out before thinking it through. Before you do, take the quiz below to find out if you are financially ready. Answer each of the following questions and check your score at the bottom of the quiz to see how you stack up.

1. Do you know approximately how much your parents pay for gas, electric and water each month?

a. Yes, we have discussed it, or I’ve looked it up.
b. I know it must be expensive because my parents are always yelling at me to turn my lights off when I leave and to take shorter showers.
c. Why would I know that if I’m not paying for it?

2. Do you have your own bank account in which you deposit and from which you withdraw from on a regular basis?

a. Yes
b. I have a savings account from when I was younger, but no bank account that I use on a regular basis.
c. No

3. How stable is your job?

a. Extremely stable. I have recently been promoted or hold a steady position.
b. I just started, but I think it should be enough to pay the bills.
c. What job?

4. If the whole family was going on a vacation to Florida, I would most likely:

a. Pay for my plane ticket and some of my meals.
b. Use my own money for meals and extra expenses if needed.
c. Make sure to tell my parents “thank you” for a free vacation to Florida.

5. You’ve found a place you would love to rent for $600.00 a month. Next, you:

a. Double check I am making enough money to pay the rent, and call to estimate how much gas, water and
electric bills will be to ensure I have enough money for everything.
b. $600.00 would be tough. I’d talk to my parents to see if they could help out, or consider getting a roommate.
c. $600.00 would be nothing for my parents. I’ll let them know that’s how much it will cost.

6. Which of the following most accurately describes why you want to leave the nest?

a. I am making enough money to cover my rent, utilities, car payment/gas, food and other expenses.
b. I am feeling pressure to live on my own by my parents or peers because I have a good job and I’m of the age where many of my friends are moving out.
c. I’m tired of dealing with my parents.

7. Which most closely describes what you currently pay for:

a. Gas, car payment (if you own a car), card insurance, credit card
b. Gas and food when I go out to eat
c. Nothing