Mvelopes Version 5.0 Is Entering Its 2nd Beta Round

We’re getting ready to provide every interested Mvelopes user a chance to use Mvelopes 5.0 before its public release. Check out the images below for a view of just what’s on the way.

After you take a look, sign up for our second round of beta by clicking on the link below.

Inbox Screen

The new inbox screen will help you assign transactions, manage and fund your envelopes and sort your transactions however you like.

Account Screen

The handy account screen will not only let you maintain your accounts, but also gives a snapshot of your current balance, recent transactions, and a view of your balance over time.

Income Screen

You can add your income by date and amount so your budget and funding are hitting on all cylinders.

Budget Screen

Budget your money by month and help make funding and tracking even easier.

Funding Screen

Fund your envelopes by paycheck, amount, and time so every dollar has a purpose.