Don’t Blow Your Budget On Christmas Sales

christmas shoppingWe’ve all seen huge Christmas sales and we all know it’s easy to blow our budget this time of year if you’re not careful.  Stores know this and manipulate consumers with sales to attract people to their stores.  If you use some smart money strategies, you don’t have to blow your budget on Christmas.

  1. Stick to a Christmas budget.  This will help you prevent over spending and getting sucked into impulse present buying.  Figure out who you need to buy for, how much you’re willing to spend and then look for bargains on those items.  Many people see a bargain and then think, that would be good for so and so.  This often ends up in over spending.

  2. Don’t fall for faux sales. Many stores advertise unbelievable deals on select items that only have a few in stock.  This means you have to wake up at 4am in the morning, fight the crowds, only to be disappointed.  You can shop online and find similar prices and save gas, time, and frustration.

  3. Simplify your Christmas. It’s easy to complicate Christmas to the point you end up dreading the season.  Simplify your gift giving by giving thoughtful presents instead of expensive ones.  Think once and then again if the item you are buying is something the person you are buying it will use.   If it’s not, keep your money in your pocket.

  4. Check return policies. Many stores don’t allow returns on clearance items. Find out what the store’s policy is and consider this when you purchase something.

  5. Shop with a calculator.  Add up your purchases and don’t get surprised at the register.  This also lets you check to make you sure that you are getting the advertised price.  Sometimes stores’ registers don’t align with what the price tags say.  A calculator can help you catch this.

Mvelopes app can help you keep your budget during the seasons and allow you to save up for presents.  This time of year doesn’t need to be a budget buster.  Download Mvelopes today, reduce your stress, save money and have a great holiday season.