Cutting Costs

When I was younger, my older siblings used to always make fun of me because I hated to spend money. Now that I’m an adult, I have a number of different things that I have to spend money on, such as a mortgage, utilities, transportation, food, etc. One of the great things about using Mvelopes online budgeting software is that it gives me many opportunities to review my online budget and look for ways to cut expenses.

Sometimes the ways to cut spending are pretty obvious, and sometimes you need to be a little creative. My family and friends probably would say that I’m being stupid, rather than being creative with some of the ways that I have found to cut some expenses.

One of the biggest savings that I have been able to maneuver is to refinance my mortgage with Finicity Home Loans. Due to the new lower interest rate that I was able to get, I was able to save a few hundred dollars each month. Some other areas that I have found to save a little (this is where my family and friends think I’m a little weird) are on my electricity and gas bills. I was able to cut my gas bill by turning my water heater down, washing my clothes in cold water, and keeping my house cooler. Wearing a sweatshirt or wrapping up in a blanket are ways to counter having the house cooler. I do not have any kids, so it is a little easier to have my house cooler without affecting family members. However, be forewarned that getting out of bed in the morning is a little more difficult. During the summer, I would keep my house warmer so that my air conditioner wouldn’t run as much. These few things have helped me save a few extra dollars every month.

Kyle Lloyd, Accounting