Decrease the Stress of Financial Decisions

Managing money is one of the leading causes of stress. Thoughts like “I hope I’m making the right decision” or “I can
probably make this work” will wear down a person’s peace of mind and eventually create a feeling of anxiousness whenever money is involved. Even though every action has a consequence, you do not have to be stressed when making financial decisions. Here are some videos which are in our Mvelopes Premier Resources library that can help you eliminate this stress.

1. Financial Decision Making


Having a strategy to follow helps you stop worrying and start doing. Most of the stress comes from thinking about ways things could go wrong. In this video, we outline a simple way to determine what your best options are. Worries often subside when you know that you have done all you can do to obtain the best possible outcome.

2. Spending Methods

Cash isn’t always king. Have you ever questioned if you really should be using a credit card or not? Ever worried about how secure your account is when using checks? Learn the advantages and disadvantages of each spending method to determine which methods are best in different situations.

3. Contractual Obligations


The complicated jargon and lengthy terms and conditions of contracts make many people unsure about what they are really signing up for. In a world where obscure and unwarranted lawsuits arise every day, every consumer should know how to navigate the basics of a contract. The stress of not knowing exactly what is required of you can (and should) be avoided. It does not take a law degree to figure it out either.

 4. Consumer Protection Laws

Consumer_Protection_Laws.00_00_37_04.Still002.jpegThink that you are being taken advantage of? In Consumer Protection Laws, we outline the Consumer Bills of Rights to help you figure out whether or not your rights are being violated. While you can’t just sue someone because you’re clumsy, you can boost your peace of mind by learning how the law protects you from unjust business practices.

While worrying about money is unfortunately the norm, anyone can experience freedom from financial worry. You can find all of these videos and more in the Orange Belt playlist in your Mvelopes Premier Resources library


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