February 2009 Release: Envelope Sweep and Performance Enhancements

We rolled out a new release to all of our users today that contains lots of good stuff including new features and performance enhancements.


• Envelope Sweep!

A large percentage of our users have requested this feature and we are excited to announce that it is now live!

This new feature will allow our users to move excess funds from multiple envelopes and re-balance any negative envelopes they have, all in one fell swoop. You can sweep money out of any envelope by entering an amount in the Sweep OUT column, or bring any negative envelope up to zero by entering an amount in the Sweep INTO column. The new envelope balances are displayed on the right side of the window and a difference is calculated at the bottom. Simply select a Sweep Envelope to transfer the difference to and click Run! Significant time and effort has gone into this feature, so please send us your feedback and let us know what you think.

Click on the Support icon in the app and search for the keyword “Sweep” in the Knowledgebase for more info on this feature.


Open Sweep Window by clicking this link

Envelope Sweep Window

Envelope Sweep Window

• Net Worth Icon Replaced with a Fund Icon

We have removed the Net Worth icon in the Icon Toolbar on the main screen of the application and added a link for it under Tools in the Main Menu Bar. A new Fund icon takes the Net Worth icons’ place since it is an action that is used more often than the Net Worth window.

Accesss the Net Worth from Tools

Access the Net Worth from Tools

New Fund Icon

New Fund Icon


• Transactions not being displayed in the Monthly Funding & Spending Comparison Report

We have resolved the issue that users have been experiencing with Transactions dated the last and first day of the month not showing up in the Monthly Funding & Spending Comparison report.

• Reconcile Fix: Include Transactions on the Statement Date

We have also resolved the issue with the Reconcile not bringing in transactions on the Statement Date so that you no longer need to manually add a day to this date in order to bring in all the correct transactions.

• Add Clearinghouse Envelopes to the “Deposit Account to Envelope Comparison Report”

The Account Transfers and Credit Card Payments envelopes have been added to the Deposit Account to Envelope Comparison report. In the event that you have a balance other than $0.00 in one or both of these envelopes, having them included in this report will prevent an inaccurate difference from being displayed.

• Transaction by Payee Report Fix

The Transaction by Payee report has been fixed and is no longer case sensitive.

• Backend Systems Upgrades and Improvements

We have also continued our efforts working on upgrading and improving our backend systems to help deliver a better and more streamlined response time.