Get on the Program to Financial Fitness

Spending less than you earn is the key to creating stability and long-term financial fitness. While many people create a budget or spending plan at some point, few stick to it for the long haul.

“Everyone needs to develop a spending plan, regardless of their income level,” says financial services executive Steven B. Smith, author of Money for Life Success Planner: The 12-Week Companion to Achieve Financial Fitness ($17.95 Dearborn Trade Publishing, 2004).

To help consumers get on the road to financial fitness by way of spending management, Smith developed the Money for Life Success Planner based on the envelope budgeting method detailed in his previous book, Money for Life, Budgeting Success and Financial Fitness in Just 12 Weeks! By helping readers understand and evaluate their financial situation, and then set spending objectives, Smith’s week-by-week roadmap of worksheets, reports, and milestones helps people of all income levels to:

  • Live comfortably while spending less
  • Understand the true impact of every spending decision
  • Successfully use credit cards without increasing debt
  • Stop accumulating debt, while successfully planning for debt elimination
  • Save for emergencies, future purchases, and long-term financial goals

Each section of the Money for Life Success Planner contains an overview of objectives, references to the related sections of Money for Life, and personal insights from people who have found success using the envelope budgeting method, along with the other Money for Life principles.

“Readers will be amazed how many significant, positive changes can be made in just a few short weeks,” said Smith. “While there is no easy path to financial security, Money for Life is an educational resource, and the Success Planner is the implementation guide. Together these two books put readers on their way to becoming financially fit and securing long-term financial freedom.”

Steven B. Smith is chairman, president and chief executive officer of In2M Corporation, a financial software and services company that he co-founded. For the past fifteen years, he has been actively involved in assisting and educating people in personal and small business financial management. Before starting In2M, Smith served as a senior member of the executive team at Megahertz Corporation. He also helped found two additional successful ventures, Floppy Copy and DeltaValve. Smith holds a finance degree from the University of Utah.

Money for Life Success Planner: The 12-Week Companion to Achieve Financial Fitness($17.95, 160 pages, paperback, ISBN: 0-7931-9515-2) is available at neighborhood and online booksellers or by calling 800-245-2665.