Getting Help


Getting Help

Sometimes even after completing the Money for Life Coaching Program users will have questions about how to handle certain transactions, what to do about an error message, etc.  Or perhaps they just need a refresher on a certain topic like creating cash transactions.

There are several help resources available for Mvelopes Members –

First there are the Tutorials.  A link to the Tutorials can be found in the tool bar at the top of the Mvelopes application window.

Second we have the Member Support Interface.  This page can be accessed directly from the Mvelopes application by clicking on the Support Icon in the toolbar at the top of the application window, or from the Mvelopes website by clicking on Support in the website menu once you login.   Within the support interface you can access live chat, email a question, or search the knowledgebase.  Simply enter the topic you are searching for (i.e. credit card payments, split transactions, etc) and the interface will pull up a list of references for that topic.  References may include training videos or detailed instructions of how to do something.

On the Mvelopes website you will also find access to the Mvelopes Blog or Community pages.  Within the Mvelopes Community page you can access Money Tips, Money Mistakes, Articles, Mvelopes Forum, Join a Group, or Get a Mentor.  The Mvelopes Forum is a great resource that allows Mvelopes Members to help each other.  You can join in a discussion that is already taking place, or you can start a new topic in order to seek advice from other Mvelopes users.

Members can also follow Mvelopes on Twitter or Facebook to receive the latest on product updates, tips and tricks, links to articles, or blog updates.

Jennifer Streiff, Money for Life Coach

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