Is your financial health as good as you think?

By Wes Shelnutt

What most people do to gauge their financial health is to essentially just rely on their feelings, because what’s an acceptable amount of savings for some will make others uneasy. Same thing with debt. For some people, having a good plan entails a high degree of specificity, and for others, it’s just a general idea… But how healthy are you really? How does your health compare to others? What if there are areas you need to be working on but aren’t? How do you know?

To help promote financial health, we’ve partnered with the Center for Financial Services Innovation to provide you with a free Financial Health Score as well as comparison data broken down by region, age, income, education level, and more. The quiz takes less than 5 minutes to complete and gives you detailed analysis of your overall score, as well as key components of financial health: Spending, Saving, Borrowing, and Planning.

We believe that good data is at the heart of every smart financial decision; take a look at a sample results below and arm yourself with a new level of clarity by taking the free quiz.

Happy #FinHealthMatters Day!