Take Advantage of the Mvelopes Knowledgebase


Setting up your Mvelopes app just how you want it can take some time. Similar to how arriving at an accurate budget that helps you save money doesn’t happen overnight.

Getting the right balance of having enough envelopes, but not too many can be tricky. On top of that, adding your accounts and knowing how to handle transfers between them, especially your credit card payments, can become a twisted web after just one wrong step. Personalizing your envelope budget within Mvelopes means making Mvelopes work for you.

Aside from our friendly and helpful customer support team, Mvelopes has a knowledgebase full of Mvelopes knowledge. It includes screenshots of both the web and mobile apps and helps guide you through setup in the Getting Started Guide. If you have made it through the initial setup process in the app, it never hurts to make sure you have everything where it should be.

We’ll continue to add to the more than 140 articles describing, explaining and helping you use Mvelopes, but here are 11 knowledgebase articles that can help you use Mvelopes better. Some articles cover why Mvelopes works and others cover how to make Mvelopes do what you need it to.

1. Financial Wellness

2. Maintaining Your Account

3. Envelope Budgeting

4. Why Budgeting Is Important

5. Daily Success Cycle

6. Monthly Success Cycle

7. How to Fund by Paycheck, Monthly and Variable Income

8. Tagging Transactions Automatically

9. Managing Your Credit Cards

10. How to Pay Off Debt Sooner

11. Keeping Tabs on Your Debt

You can always get to the Knowledgebase through the web app in the Help menu under Support Options or in the mobile app in the Help menu if you click on Answers. You can also find it on the Mvelopes FAQ page as well. 

Creating a budget can be daunting, but putting one together with Mvelopes allows you to easily manage your finances in a single app that you can access anywhere. Take advantage of the power of an envelope budget with Mvelopes.


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