Looking for Extra Income? Check Out These Freelance Jobs!

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You asked, we’re responding!

After publishing our blog post on generating extra income by working from home, many of you asked about ways to find freelance jobs.
Depending on your skills and how much time you’re willing to put into the “extra” job, there are different sites that help you find “side gigs” – that can eventually turn into full time work!
We did some research and found a few good quality sites that connect those who look for freelance jobs with employers who are looking for freelance workers.
Here is a quick overview that will hopefully get you started with generating a few extra dollars for your household budget!


This is a great site that allows you to post both job offers, as well as look for work. It has positions that range anywhere from data entry, to virtual assistants, to freelance writers, and even web developers! Go ahead and sign up and browse the opportunities that fit your skillset and experience!


This is another great site with over 126,000 jobs posted just in the last 30 days! Since elance started, it has helped generate $1 billion in additional income to its clients!
Set up your profile, look for posted jobs, and submit your bid. If the price is right and the employer likes your profile, you’ll win the bid and be granted the job.
We found a great summary of freelance jobs for both those looking for general work and those who are searching for specialty gigs. Just click this link and you’ll find plenty of other sites that may just be what you need in your search for additional income or even for full time freelance employment!