Major update to the Mvelopes iPhone app now available

Mvelopes is pleased to announce a major update to the Mvelopes iPhone app. This latest update brings the following features to the iPhone:

Account Refresh – you can now refresh your accounts from your iPhone, making sure you have the most recent transactions.

Fund Envelopes – Use your iPhone to manually fund your envelopes, or select from one of your saved profiles.

Add/Edit Envelopes – Create new envelopes, or edit existing envelopes right on your iPhone.

These enhancements bring added usability to the iPhone application. Users can now manage and control even more of their envelope spending plans no matter where they are by using the Mvelopes iPhone app. The updated app is available now, for free, in the Apple iTunes App Store. Users must have an Mvelopes account to use the Mvelopes iPhone app. Similar features for Android smartphones will be coming very soon. Visit for more information.