May 2009 Release: Duplicate Filter Adjustments and Systems Improvements

We rolled out a new release to all of our users today that includes some adjustments to the Duplicate Transaction Filter as well as some additional backend and frontend systems enhancements.

We have made significant headway on a new feature that we’re very excited about. A lot of time and effort has been spent on it this last month and only a few more things need to be ironed out before it will be ready. We expect to roll out this new feature as part of next month’s release, so stay tuned.

We are also reviewing and discussing several features that have been suggested and voted on within our forums. Your feedback is very important to us, so please continue to let us know what we can do to make your money management experience as successful as possible.

• Duplicate Filter Adjustments and Enhancements

Last month we released a new Potential Duplicate Filter that helps identify and manage duplicate transactions. This filter was built flexible enough to allow us to adjust the criteria for identifying these duplicate transactions. We have been closely watching the data since the release and have seen a few ways we could adjust and enhance the filter.

One of the main reasons why transactions are seen as potential duplicates is because of the way many financial institutions make changes to and repost your transactions.

This month, with the release of our latest adjustments and enhancements to the new duplicate filter, we have been able to significantly decrease the number of potential duplicates.

If you are still seeing a large amount of duplicate transactions, please do not hesitate to communicate what you are seeing to Customer Support. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and this will help us determine if additional adjustments are necessary.
• Backend and Frontend Systems Improvements

We continue our efforts to improve our backend and frontend systems to help provide a better support and overall product experience. Improving the way we run things on the backend will not only help us better support you, our customers, but it will lead to easier implementation of improving the user experience. We continually strive to make fixes and enhancements to increase load and response time of the application.