Mvelopes 2.3.2 Improves Bank Account Connectivity

app.jpgThe award-winning Mvelopes budget app now includes improvements to bank account connectivity and management along with better transaction searches to help you budget on the go.

With this update, you now have more power to connect to your accounts at more than 12,000 financial institutions, plus the ability to request a link with a new financial institution from within the mobile app. You just need your login information in order to request support for a new financial institution.

The update also makes it easier to fix bank account connectivity issues. Creating a support ticket to fix a broken connection will be more visible in the app and even after creating the ticket you will be free to refresh the account to try and correct the problem. You will also be able to update your login credentials to your financial institutions within the app.

There are also updates that help you manage and track your transactions better. On pending transactions, there will be autocomplete in the payee field, so you aren’t filling out field after field on separate transactions.

The transaction search function has been updated to help you find your transactions so you can assign and sort them more effectively. You are now able to search all transactions, even assigned ones, by payee, amount, account or any other notes you may have added to them. Those search results will be ranked by relevance starting with the exact matches, word matches and initials or acronym matches.

A problem in the past  where users were sometimes logged out was addressed and other bug fixes are also included in this update.

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Updated Features in version 2.3.2:

– Ability to request support for a new bank from mobile

– Payee autocompletion on pending transactions

– Improved transaction searching

– Make fixing bank account connectivity problems easier

– Fix problem where users get logged out sometimes

– Other bug fixes


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