Mvelopes 4.1 is here! – Product Update

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We’re excited to announce that Mvelopes 4.1 is here!

This new release represents quite a few updates and fixes based on the feedback we’ve received from all of you who want to see Mvelopes constantly improve.

We welcome your continued insights so that more and more people can make real financial progress and experience financial freedom through this application.

We’re also excited to let you know that we’ve been hard at work on our mobile apps and will have significant improvements and enhancements coming in Q2, which will include our launch of Mvelopes for your Android, Kindle, or iOS tablet!  Stay tuned for more information in the coming months.

Back to this release…

Apart from refreshing the look and feel of our web app for easier navigation, here is a more detailed list of other improvements we’ve made with this release:

Session Timeout Extend

You’ll receive a prompt 1 minute before the session is about to expire, which will allow you to extend the session without being automatically logged out.

Additional “Save” Feature for Your Funding Plan

In addition to the 30 seconds Auto Save feature, we have added a “Save” button in the Funding Plan so you can save your changes immediately.

“Approve” & “Approve All” Auto Assigned Transactions Feature

You will be able to approve auto assigned transactions. Once transactions are approved, they’ll be removed from the auto assigned transaction register and will appear in respective envelope and account register.

Improved Envelope Dropdown to Make Inline Transaction Assignment Quicker & Easier!

New “Please Select” option in the Envelope field which, once clicked, will allow the transaction to be assigned and removed from the new transaction register.

The **Funded Amount** is now the sum of all FUNDING transactions AND Envelope Transfers in the given month.

This applies to all reports, graphs, Envelope Summary, Envelope Register spending trends and Reports.

Quicker Way to Fund Envelopes

Users who do not live paycheck to paycheck can now fund their envelopes directly using their spending plan instead of having to create a funding plan.

Here’s a list of the general changes to the design:

– New Tabbed View of: New, Pending and Auto Assigned Transactions

– Enhanced Transaction Create/Edit Form Design

– Setup steps Sync Across All Platforms

– Renamed Transactions tab to Inbox

– Added new ticket status updates

We are grateful that you chose to use Mvelopes as your personal finance tool. All of our users have, thus far, paid off $1 billion in debt and have increased their account balances by $200 million! That’s a great reason to celebrate!

Our development team never stops working on improving the product, so stay tuned for more updates and in the meantime we hope you’ll enjoy these updates!
The Mvelopes Team