Mvelopes 4.1 – New Updates

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Dear Mvelopes users,

We’ve released more updates and fixes to Mvelopes 4.1. Here is a list of the latest improvements:

– Your session will no longer expire while reconciling your account using our Reconcile feature. From now on, as long as the “Reconcile” screen is open, your session will not timeout.

– We fixed our “Match” feature that used to identify matchable transactions more clearly. This was temporarily not working, but is now up and running again.

– We have fixed the view of the Payment and Deposit columns in your Inbox. Any amount over $1000 will now be fully visible rather than truncated. You won’t have to resize the column width any more!

– Lastly, we’ve made two fixes to our “Envelope Spending by Month” report. First, when exported as a PDF, any amount greater than 4 digits in the “Total” row will now appear correctly.  It was getting truncated, or left off, in the past for some users. Next, the when drilling down on a specific Envelope from the report grid, we’ll  now only display the data based on the selected envelope – as opposed to multiple envelopes.

Once again, thank you for allowing us to partner with you as you strive towards financial freedom.

The Mvelopes Team

[Working tirelessly on the awesomeness of your Mvelopes experience]