Mvelopes 4.1 – New Updates!

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Dear Mvelopes users,

As you continue enjoying all of the new features and updates of our 4.1 release, we have more good news for you! Here is a list of the latest improvements and fixes:

– For our Free users, we’ve added our Mvelopes Assistant to our Help menu, should you need help getting things set up.

– You’ll now be auto logged in to our user forums when you access them from our web app.

– By hitting the “enter” key you will save the changes made to transactions while inline editing them.

– The “Fully Funded” status is now shown only when the funding plan amounts match the budget goal for each envelope in Funding Plan.

Here is to becoming debt-free, living a life of financial fitness, and achieving all of your financial goals and dreams!

The Mvelopes Team

[Working tirelessly on the awesomeness of your Mvelopes experience]