Mvelopes Application Updates

Updates – Release Dated 04/16/2012

  • Resolved an issue which prevented the editing of some credit card and line of credit starting balances.
  • Resolved some text entry problems in the Spending Plan
  • Adjusted the add income UI so allow lower resolution screen the ability to see the SAVE/CANCEL buttons.
  • While editing an Auto-Assign rule, the Perform Actions field now behaves properly.
  • Resolved issue which prevented adding a biller on low resolution computers.
  • Resolved several issues involved in Funding by percentage.
  • Resolved a bug affecting a small group of users who were not able to create manual transactions.
  • Corrected a rounding error in funding profiles affecting a small group of users.
  • If setup is skipped once, the user will no longer be shown the setup screen.
  • The application will now show the Proposed Reset UI after a person upgrades or downgrades from a gift card enrollment.
  • While saving the Auto-Assign rule with the “Alert At” option selected, the application no longer displays a blank error message.
  • Removed the minimum character requirement from the Financial Institution search. This allows searching on FIs that have only 2 character names
  • Resolved issue where the Spending Plan amounts appear on the incorrect month
  • Refreshing accounts from the Transactions tab should now bring in new transactions
  • Members no longer get error pop-up when they edit deferred transaction

Updates – Release Dated 03/14/2012

  • Grouping paychecks within the Funding screen no longer requires the user to use CTRL+Click and can just be selected using a click.
  • Resolved a issue affecting some users who were not able to delete an envelope from the list.
  • Variable incomes are now shown in the correct order on the Income screen.
  • You can now edit and save an automation rule (auto-assign or auto-rename) when only changing the name, rather than the logic of the rule itself.
  • Fixed some small UI issues seen on the loading messages seen on login.
  • Resolved an issue on the Envelope Spent by Month report where a label blocked the use of one of the report options.
  • Resolved issue affecting a small number of users who could no longer enter their bill pay PIN.
  • Resolved an issue where users were seeing Spending Plan data in the previous version of Mvelopes but the same amounts do not appear in the new version of Mvelopes.
  • Resolved an issue where some users experienced an error when attempting to split a transaction created against an offline account.
  • Skipping the setup screen now causes the setup screen to no longer show up upon login.
  • Refresh icon is now greyed out if there are no online accounts added.
  • Resolved an issue where members were unable to change the envelope spending amount to zero if spending method is Average Amount.
  • The Accounts screen no longer shows a blank screen if there are no accounts added to Mvelopes.

Updates – Release Dated 03/06/2012 – UPDATED

  • Printing an Account or Envelope register and selecting a single date as your range no longer prints a blank page (assuming there are transactions on that date).
  • Improved data entry within the Envelope Sweep interface.
  • Resolved an error seen by a small number of users when loading the Spending Plan “Invalid spending plan method for average type of envelope”.
  • Resolved an issue with the Envelope Spending by Month report where transactions dated on the 1st of the month were being attributed to the previous months report.
  • Resolved a rounding error when entering transactions details for a mortgage payment you were tracking in the Debt Center.
  • Members are now able to edit the starting balance transaction of an account. UPDATE 3/23/2012: In some cases, members have continued to see issues editing online and offline credit card are line of credit accounts. This issue has now fixed in the code and will be rolled out in the next production release.
  • Editing a Funding transaction no longer double counts the funding amounts, allowing you to more easily complete the edit of this type of transaction.

Updates – Release Dated 02/23/2012

  • Fixed alignment issues with OK and CANCEL buttons on the Account Transfer screen.
  • Resolved a problem where some users reported a missing Mvelopes logo after upgrading to Mvelopes Premier.
  • Resolved issues with the Envelope Sweep interface, where entered amounts were ‘ghosted’ into rows further down the list.
  • Manual deposit transactions from Credit Card and Line of Credit accounts can no longer be assigned to the Finance Charge system envelope.

Updates – Release Dated 02/16/2012

  • Resolved an issue seen by some existing members where Spending Plan data was present in the previous version but not the new version of Mvelopes
  • Hiding the Spending Trends chart in Envelope register and then clicking on another Envelope will no longer show a blank section were the chart used to be.
  • Some members who had added accounts from specific investment accounts are not able to see those accounts in the application.
  • Solved several data entry issues within the Funding Plan regarding decimal points and extra zeros.
  • Printing the Spending Plan and Funding Plan using a right click now print the envelopes in the same order they are on the screen.
  • Adding/Editing an Envelope or Group while viewing the Automation Manager no longer blanks out the Envelope selection drop-downs
  • Printing a list of transactions after performing a search no longer prints a blank page.
  • The Refresh icon under Spending Accounts remains visible even after being clicked.
  • You can no longer press the Save button multiple times when creating/editing a recurrence rule, which was resulting in multiple rules being created.
  • Performing a partial reset of the application now removes the starting balances for deleted accounts.
  • Resolved an issue where some members saw the starting balances of accounts doubled after performing a partial reset of the application.
  • The Android application no longer gives an incorrect lockout message after a member enters their username and/or password incorrectly only once

Updates – Release Dated 02/06/2012

  • Performance Enhancements – Especially for members with large numbers of envelopes, you should see the initial load time of the application decrease by 50% and assignment of transactions decrease by 60%.
  • Added the ability to assign multiple transactions at once from New Transactions. Select multiple transactions by using the CTRL or SHIFT keys.
  • The Envelope tree now remembers which groups were open or closed and will present them the same way the next time you login.
  • Created the Envelope Spending By Month report – Similar to its implementation in the previous version of Mvelopes, this report shows you the amount you have spent in each envelope broken out by month.
  • Resolved some alignment issues in the Spending Plan screen.
  • Resolved an issue where the SAVE and CANCEL buttons were not visible after splitting a transaction more than 6 times.
  • Exported PDF of Envelope and Account registers now show correct decimal places.
  • Creating or editing an Envelope while in the Spending Plan no longer scrolls up to the top of the Envelope list.
  • Multiple instances of the Message Board on the Home screen should no longer appear.
  • When splitting a transaction involving cash back (typical at grocery store check-outs) the amount split to a cash account is now showing up correctly as a positive amount.
  • Searching for financial institutions will now allow the use of the apostrophe.
  • Resolved an issue affecting a small group of users where the paycheck dates are off by one day.
  • If your search for a financial institutions returns no results, you are given a proper message.
  • Fixed alignment issues when matching transactions.
  • Viewing an Auto-Assign rule and then pressing BACK without making any changes to the rule no longer prompts you to save.

Updates – Release Dated 01/19/2012

  • Auto-complete is now working on the Payee field when entering manual transactions or editing existing transactions
  • Resolved an issue that was causing the Transactions screen to remain blank.
  • Transactions from Credit Cards that were split are now properly transferring money into the Money For envelope for that Credit Card
  • Resolved rounding error in the Funding Plan where the amount entered would not show as Fully Funded
  • Members now have the ability to delete recurring transaction rules that they create.
  • Some members experienced an issue when adding accounts where the account was visible in the Account screen, but was not visible in the Spending Accounts widget in the Transactions screen. This has been resolved.
  • Resolved an issue where the Export PDF function was producing blank reports for Envelope and Account registers.
  • Exporting a PDF of the Pending Transactions will no longer include New Transactions in the PDF
  • Resolved an error that appeared while creating Envelopes within the Spending Plan (Error recieved java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string:)
  • Resolved an issue with text entry in the Sweep screen where pressing ENTER after entering an amount would cause the amount to be hidden

Updates – Release Dated 01/12/2012

  • Resolved issue where some customers were receiving Error 116 when trying to add accounts in the new version. This error was not showing up in the old version of Mvelopes
  • Corrected an issue that was causing paychecks created in the new version to show 1 day before their actual date
  • Column widths in the Transactions register have been fixed. Priority is now properly given to the Payee field.
  • Text entry within the Sweep screen has been corrected, the cursor no longer jumps around.
  • Bill Pay enrollment services have been restored. New Mvelopes premier customers wanting to sign-up for Bill Pay are now able to do so.
  • Added a “View My Accounts” button to the top of the Add Accounts screen making is easy to get back to the list of accounts even if you are in the middle of adding a new account
  • Updated a button shown in the envelope registers making it easier to get back to the list of New Transactions. Button says, “View New Transactions”
  • Added the ability to hide the Spending Trends graph in the Envelope register, making it easier to see more transactions within an envelope register.
  • Resolved an issue where some MasterCard accounts eere no non

Updates – Release Dated 01/11/2012

  • Transactions screen now visible – A small number of users were unable to see the contents of the Transactions screen. This issue arose after members adjusted the size of the widgets on that Transactions screen, the view would continue to work for the current session, but would be unavailable at the next login. This issue was account specific, so it did not matter if the user tried to login with a different browser, or even a different computer.

Updates – Release Dated 01/07/2012

  • After login and enrollment, the application now launches in the same browser window rather than as a new window.
  • No longer receive an error when sorting by Envelope in the New Transactions screen (not seen by all users)
  • Scroll bar width has been increased
  • Deleted accounts no longer show up under the Spending Accounts pane on the Home screen (not seen by all users)
  • When Crown Mvelopes users attempt to login to, they are now provided with a link to the correct login page ( instead of simply giving them a ‘Invalid Login Information’ message