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Mvelopes App

Mvelopes Overview

Mvelopes is the only budgeting software you will ever need


Get Out of Debt Faster

The Mvelopes budgeting system provides you with the tools you need to rapidly eliminate your debt and help you spend your money on what counts to you.

Accumulate Savings

The unexpected happens and having an emergency fund can help make the unexpected expenses easier on your budget. Mvelopes will help you develop a savings plan that is customized for you and helps you stop living paycheck to paycheck.

Reach Your Financial Goals

Mvelopes is the platform you need to help you achieve your financial goals. Make smarter decisions with more information at your fingertips.


Why Mvelopes

The only award-winning online envelope money management solution

Mvelopes is an award-winning online home budgeting system that helps you look to the future and manage your spending accordingly.

With Mvelopes you can quickly and easily create an online budget, track all your spending, and always know exactly how much you have left to spend. Start using Mvelopes for free!

Financial freedom doesn’t come from having a large income, instead it comes from managing the money that you earn. Whether you are doing money management for your personal or family budget Mvelopes will help you achieve financial freedom.


With Mvelopes:

  • Money management has never been easier. Within minutes set up a financial plan that will let you know how much you can spend each month.
  • Recover 10% of your income from hidden spending, eliminate existing debt & effectively manage credit card spending.
  • Access and manage your home budget anytime, anywhere from home, work, or your mobile phone.
  • Proven to Work! Thousands of current users along with life changing testimonials demonstrate how effective the Mvelopes budgeting system can be.



Mvelopes Features

  • Import your bank and credit card account
  • 25 Spending Envelopes
  • iPhone & Android App
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac
  • Auto Transaction Gathering
  • Auto Envelope Spending Plan View
  • Networth Tracking
  • Email Support
  • Community Forum
  • Click here to see full list of features and prices


Dan Nashville, TN
“I don’t know where to begin. The last 2 years as a member of Mvelopes have been nothing short of miraculous. I used to lie in bed at night crying because I didn’t know how I was going to pay bills, and then I became a member in July of 2006 and haven’t looked back. My finances were in total disarray at the time and I took out numerous payday loans. Once I started with Finicity, I knocked out the payday loans and have paid off over $15,000 in debt. I have not charged a single thing since becoming a member and pay cash for everything.

I login to Finicity 2-3 times a day and check all my accounts and update my spending plan. Some of my friends think I’m crazy, but Finicity has given me such a peace of mind about my finances and that is priceless.

I swear by Finicity and finally have my finances on auto-pilot as I tell my money where to go instead of my money telling me where to go. Thank you so much Finicity!!!!”

J. Ryan Louisville, KY
“For years my wife and I had tried to be responsible with our finances. We tried to pay our bills, to give to our church, and even to live frugally, but we never seemed to be able to get into a proactive position where we were running our finances instead of our finances running us.

Now because of your program I have been able to budget for our medical expenses. I have been able to get several months ahead on some of our regular expenses. I have been able to budget wisely for upcoming seasonal expenses, and I have been able to save almost $1000. What a blessing!”