Use Mvelopes Basic and Simplify Your Finances

plan_basic.pngMvelopes Basic and its 30-day free trial can simplify and organize your finances so you’re not wondering where all your money is going and why your debt never seems to stop growing.

Mvelopes Basic offers you the opportunity to track all your spending and manage your money so you can see the big picture of your finances as well as the small purchases that often get us into trouble.

Basic does this in a couple of ways. First, it provides you with unlimited financial accounts to sync everything you do in the real world with your Mvelopes account on your phone, tablet or laptop. Second, it provides you with unlimited envelopes to help you organize and simplify your finances at the same time. Third, envelope budgeting can cause you to get stuck sometimes, plus servers are fickle, so we provide you with live chat support so you can get your problems solved right away.

There’s a lot you can do with Mvelopes Basic. It’s more than just a budget planner, spending tracker or envelope budget app. 

Unlimited accounts

Unlimited accounts mean one thing for you. All, that’s right, ALL or your financial accounts can fit nicely into Mvelopes. Your checking account(s), your saving account(s), credit card(s), investments, prepaid debit card, if you have somewhere to sign in online you can connect it to Mvelopes. If not, you can add it as an offline account you keep up to date by creating transactions. Adding your accounts is the first step in the process to getting the most out of Mvelopes.

Unlimited envelopes

Aside from putting all your accounts in one place, unlimited envelopes help you simplify your finances. This happens one of two ways.

You can simplify your finances by tracking everything. Really go for the most detailed envelope structure you can imagine and that you’d be willing to update. Knowing just where, when and how you’re spending money and including what you’re actually spending it on really helps simplifiy your finances. You know exactly what you’re spending money on and then cutting out the needless spending. Your detailed envelopes will provide every answer you need at your fingertips. For example, 119 envelopes might sound like a lot, but who needs 119 when 88 will do.

You can also simplify your finances by minimizing envelopes. Only grow your envelopes to as many as you absolutely need. A glance tells you all you need to know when you have your envelopes grouped and categorized so you’re aware of where your bills stand, where your spending is and how your credit cards and savings look.

Updated transactions

Every day you have new cleared transactions from your bank. They’ll appear in your Mvelopes Inbox for you to update your budget. You can create transactions on the go, if you’d rather have it updated quicker or you can set up automatic transaction tagging that will assign common transactions into their appropriate envelopes.

Either way, your spending will be tracked and kept up to date. You just have to point to which envelope it’s supposed to come from.

Reports (web)

In the web app, you can take all of your budgets, funding and spending and see just what it is you’re doing with your money. There are seven different reports that are sortable by your accounts, envelopes or tags. You can see the comparison of your spending against your funding, your balances, net worth, spending by month, tagged transactions or simply your cash flow report.

There are even more reports you can get by searching through your inbox or other envelopes. For example if you’re looking for all the times you have eaten at a specific restaurant or how much you typically spend on groceries at different stores. You can search through your assigned transactions and see just what you’re looking for. 

Future-proof your budget with funding profiles and periodic expenses

Your budget is probably based on some sort of timeframe that works for you. Whether that’s the two weeks between paychecks or every month. At the end of each week or month, another one starts right up. You don’t have to reinvent your budget every couple of weeks or even each month.

Your budget and funding plan inside of Mvelopes can help you with saved profiles that will fund your envelopes based on your budget.

When you have to make changes they’re line item changes and not a start from scratch month after month. This way you can move forward figuring out the perfect budget for you week to week and month by month. 

Support when you need it

Through this whole process, you’ll have questions. Some of them will be easy to answer and you can get your answer with a few clicks. You can check out other blog posts, our forum, or our knowledgebase and find the answer you’re looking for.

If you’re still wondering about what to do you can get support via email or chat with our customer support team. If you’re needing it done now, chat is the better option, but email questions will be met with quick responses Monday through Friday.

Get started with Mvelopes Basic today with a free 30-day trial of the Mvelopes app and everything it has to offer your finances. You can also learn more about Basic and our other products (Mvelopes Plus and Mvelopes Complete).


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