Mvelopes changed our lives!

Mvelopes changed our lives!

We had little to no money in savings…we were living from paycheck to paycheck…

15 years is a long time, would you agree? That’s how long the Henriksen’s have been struggling to make their finances work, with nothing to show for it. They knew that “getting on a budget” was something they needed to do, but nothing seemed to work, until they found Mvelopes. Here is their turnaround story, in their own words:

I just wanted to thank you for this program.  It has completely changed our lives.  I know that this sounds a bit dramatic but my husband and I have been trying for 15 years to get on a budget.  Bill paying was very stressful, we had little to no money in savings, we were not getting our debts paid off and we were living paycheck to paycheck.

Now, in just a couple of months of using this program we have more money in savings than we have ever had, there is money ahead of time to pay our bills, we are paying our debt down and paying our bills is virtually painless. Our 5 children are also excited because we have been able to create an envelope for each of them and have started giving them a small allowance.

We feel that there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel to living debt free.

Thank you so much! The Henriksen Family

You see, “some quit because of slow progress, never grasping the fact that slow progress is still progress!” Henriksen’s never gave up…even after 15 long years of trying and failing. Have you given up on your finances? What’s holding you back from trying, just one more time?