Mvelopes for Google Glass

Mvelopes for Google Glass

Mvelopes for Google Glass

The new Mvelopes Mobile apps for iOS and Android phones and tablets, released just a few weeks ago, was a hit among our users. The release has also opened the door to a new group of users who are mobile centric and mobile first. We have been blown away by the hundreds of positive responses, constructive feedback, and innovative ideas on where to take Mvelopes next.

Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of Mvelopes for Google Glass, available in the Google Glassware marketplace.

Mvelopes for Glass makes managing receipts a snap. Simply tell Glass to take a picture while holding a receipt, then share it with “Mvelopes Receipt Tracker”. Mvelopes then creates a transaction with the receipt ready for use within our mobile or web apps.

Many of our die-hard users prefer a real-time envelope budgeting experience by snapping photos of receipts and entering transaction details manually at the point of sale. These users then match those transactions with the aggregated version when it clears their bank. Mvelopes for Glass makes creating manual transactions easier at the point of sale.

Wearable computing is an exciting platform for personal finance and we are working on other cool features and tools to help you be more a successful envelope budgeter.

Thanks for your continued support, app ratings, and feedback. For those of you who will be giving Mvelopes for Glass a try, we’d love to hear from you and learn more about your experience.

The Mvelopes Team